Browser Plugin

Browser source for OBS Studio

  1. Faruton
    Supported Bit Versions:
    • 32-bit
    • 64-bit
    Minimum OBS Studio Version:
    Supported Platforms:
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    This plugin already comes bundled in the OBS Studio Full Installer. You do not need to install this manually unless you did not install it via the Full installer.

    This plugin allows you to add web pages as sources in OBS Multiplatform.

    1.0.10 (Experimental)

    Mac version:

    This version is for Apple OSX 10.8+ 64bit.

    Chrome Version: 41.0.2272.43
    CEF Version: 3.2272.2029

    Download link: Browser Source 1.0.10

    HTML5 Test results

    1.0.6 (Stable)

    Mac OS X
    The Mac browser plugin comes with two variants:
    In reality both of these are similarly stable so 64/64 should work for most cases.

    To install: Download the dmg and double click the "OBS Browser Plugin Install.mpkg".
    Follow the instructions and then run OBS to start using it.

    To uninstall: Double click the "Uninstall" in the dmg.

    To install: Extract to the root of your installation folder. For those that used the OBS Studio installer, that would be: C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio\

    Known problems:

    • By default the plugin doesn't use any gpu acceleration due to it not working for everyone, this also means no WebGL support, if you really need that, start OBS Studio with the --enable-gpu argument.
    • Https sites don't work: Usually this happens when using Kaspersky, make sure to put obs32 or obs64.exe on the whitelist.

    There is not currently a Linux build of this browser plugin, but in the meantime bazukas has built another browser source based on qtwebkit. Details here:


    If you would like to interact with a browser source then right click on the source item and select 'Interact'. This should then act like a very simple browser window.

    When browsing for a local file, if you need to go into a .app file use cmd-shift-g or drag the directory onto the file browser.



    When looking at the properties of browser source you might notice 'Restart CEF'. This will restart the entire CEF isolated process in case it gets stuck or is not behaving correctly. Normally this should not be needed.


Recent Reviews

  1. Psykoen
    no linux support?????
  2. KielD-01
    Guys, are You kidding?
    No plugin for Linux distros?
    Some kind of Mac's users can use it, but Linux users - no?
    That is same type of OS. Linux based.
    I will change my rte after linux plugin will be here.
  3. Natestreams
    There's still not a plugin for Ubuntu without qtkit
  4. grocal
    I'm very glad that there's such plugin for OBS Studio. Nice, neat and clean. Does what is should without any unnecessary clutter and useless options. 5 stars! Thank you, Faruton!
  5. dacoder
    Very simple to install on Windows 10, worked flawlessly. Very simple UI interface, very lightweight. Instant fan.
  6. amsyar ZeRo
    amsyar ZeRo
    Nice plugin!But please add CSS support for Mac.
  7. ape47
    almost perfect
  8. Swefex
    Best plugin for Mac! WORKS with TWITCHALERTS! No errors, no problem. VERY easy to install. Thank you!