• Added upcoming Season 2 Ladder Maps.
  • Added a dialog for recording hotkeys.
  • Improved centering of map name and label of landscape map icons.
  •, as well as the folders src and locales are now included in the executable - you are inclined to delete these files and folders.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tesseract-OCR link wasn't properly displayed in the OCR Tab (Misc Settings).
  • Russian Localization was revised by Vexxorian.
  • Added predefined Custom Match formats for Koprulu Team League, WardiTV Team League, PSISTOM Gaming Team League, All-In TheNydus, Chobo Team League, and Validity Star League.
  • Added option to specify player and team aliases. These aliases are replaced by the actual name when encountered by the match grabber. Additionally, SC2 player names listed as aliases are replaced in the intros by the actual name and used to identify players by the automatic background tasks Score Update and Set Ingame Score.
  • Added Shortcuts to Favorites and Alias Settings.
  • Fixed a bug in the RSTL match grabber where it failed to grab the start map in the All-Kill format.
  • Fixed crash when "Update Twitch" and "Update Nightbot" was pressed.
  • Fixed a bug in the Intros that would associate both players always with Team 1.
  • Custom Mode '1vs1' should work again.
  • Added Dialog to the Map Manager to add a map from Liquipedia.

  • Set Ingame Score task will work even if one player is not entered in SCCT.

  • Added option to automatically press Ctrl+X to enforce the SCCT's player order in the Observer UI.

  • Added completer for Liquipedia logo search.

  • All logos can be dragged and dropped in the logo manager.

  • Favorites or Last Used icons can be dragged and dropped to the team icon.

  • Added CTRL+S shortcut for Update OBS Data.

  • Double click on a logo in the logo manager will set it as a team logo.

  • Auto Score Update task will now detect the score even if one player name is missing and update the missing name accordingly.

  • Auto Score Update task will now set the races when a score is automatically updated.
  • Option to overwrite the font of the icon has been added to Settings: Styles.

  • Last 100 team name are saved for auto completion.
  • Improved OCR reliability (e.g., with Gawliq UI).
  • Fixed a few minor bug in the Map Manager.
  • Font is now correctly displayed in landscape map icons.

  • Fixed bug that prevented intros from working.
  • "Apply Format" and "Update OBS Data" buttons now indicated when they need to be pressed.

  • The winner highlight color is selectable in Settings: Styles.
  • A map is only labeled as "Ace" when appropriate.

  • "Reset Match Data" now resets logos as well as the score.
  • The race of the last 100 players is now saved and will be selected automatically.
  • Player names that have been last used are available for auto completion.
  • When selecting a map a popup window with all available maps is now displayed.
  • Russian localization has been updated.
  • Improved new intro animation with respect to the race logo and the default skin.
  • Added two alternative Intro animations (Slide & Fanfare) including new sounds that can be selected at Settings: Connections: Intro & Hotkeys.

  • Player names that are used or have been used in the current session are available for auto completion.
  • All-Kill Format no longer needs to be applied via "Apply Format".
  • Winning player should now be properly transferred to the next map when using All-Kill-Format/Mode.
  • Match Grabber can now be used by pressing enter.

  • Removed FTP-Upload. If you were using this feature, please contact me and I will provide an alternative via websockets.

  • Added Logo Manager featuring last used logos, favorites, adding from URL, and searching Liquipedia for logos.
  • Migrated to Python 3.6.5.

  • Returning to the official python keyboard package since v0.13 has been published.

  • Changelog is now displayed on restart after an update.
  • Testing the Twitch title template works again.

  • RSTL Matchgrabber should be working properly for all matches now.