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Guys, so here is the tutorial for Wrestling App.
You can download it here, I've created a post here but I don't know why it didn't appear on the forum.
Please feel free to comment. Hope you will like it.


Hi guys. New version of Soccer Pro is available for download. Added shortkeys, re-designed UI, added a reverse timer, fixed some bugs. Also now when a Player scores a goal score automatically changes. Made buttons for showing elements like on Video Switсhers. Green color means off, Red color means on Air. Feel free to try. Here is the link.

Of course for those who bought the application, all updates are free of charge. For new customers, there is a 7-day free Trial.

Hi guys. Updated the Basketball Lite. Added custom shortcuts. And you won't believe it. Price still 8-9 Euro for ETERNITY!!
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Hi guys. It's been a long time you haven't heard from me ))
So, to be real quick.

Updated Soccer Lite.
Added shorcuts
Added Reverse timer
Made re-desing. IMHO the app now more user-friendly.
So check it at the website (

And made some minor updates to Soccer Pro also.
Hi guys. Released a new version of Soccer PRO and made a tutorial (click to watch) on Soccer Pro.

New in 1.35:
- Added custom language settings. To set custom buttons, labels names open the lang.yaml file in Notepad (or any other txt reader) and replace English words with your own. Important! Before you rename make a backup file.
- Program saves text fields like Team names, championship name and etc
- You can change color of the Squads Caption
- Added Goal scorers to the lower third.
- Program writes the goal scorers (name, minute)
- Added numbers next to names in Control Panel
- Added Copy-Paste-Cut menu
Hey everyone. On Monday March 1st I'll go live on Youtube and tell you about new features in Soccer Pro and other software that I've developed. Also I'll be answering the questions in chat. So grab a cup of tea and Join me )
A new version of the program for titling TV and Internet broadcasts of hockey games is already on sale. This version includes the custom scoreboard, timer, team names, quarter, penalty timers, shootouts and etc. The user can upload own scoreboard in png format and move all elements in the canvas. All will be saved and loaded next time user run the Application. You can learn more about each version on the website Join Telegram channel for more information and support

Request a 7-day Trial version (

Here is a video tutorial.
Soccer.PRO now can be used at almost any laptop with a screen resolution starting from 1024 and up to 1920.
Hi guys,
so it's been quite hard and took a little more time than I've expected. So I am proudly presenting you the Basketball Lite.
Main things:
Users can load their own image
User can change Font, Size, Color
User can move any element on the Canvas
Fouls indicator (from 1 to 9)
Bonus word (it can be turned off)
24 and 14 seconds for shot-clock. Can be changed to any value.
And more

It is really quite hard to describe all of it, so let me know if you want a live stream with my clarification.

Check out the Demo