SpeechChat (for Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, etc...)

Free SpeechChat (for Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, etc...) 180621

Website : https://www.speechchat.com

SpeechChat is a web based chat client with text to speech feature. (currently support Twitch, Youtube and Mixer live chat.)

Supported browsers :
  • Chrome ver.33+ (recommended)
  • Firefox ver.49+ (speech feature may not function correctly.)
It is recommended to use Chrome as its text to speech functions are more stable and it has numerous built-in languages:
1. Deutsch
2. US English
3. UK English Female/Male
3. español
4. français
5. हिन्दी
6. Bahasa Indonesia
7. italiano
8. 日本語
9. 한국의
10. Nederlands
11. polski
12. português do Brasil
13. русский
14. 普通话(中国大陆)
15. 粤語(香港)
16. 國語(臺灣)

  • Read incoming messages out and response messages on events (when viewers joining, following, hosting, subscribing your channel) automatically.
  • Toggle on and off the speech feature at any time.
  • Easy to customize output sentences and the voices.
  • You can also use commands inside customized messages, for example, "$username$ !p2 says $message$" will read out the user name then pause 2 seconds before continue the remain part of the speech.
  • Option to mute specific user or specific user group.
  • Play sound effect on incoming messages and events.
  • and much more...

Thanks to all the donors:
  • Kenniving: $10
  • Robertsmania: $10
  • James Bahng: $4
  • Unwary: $10
  • Anonymous: $2
  • Anonymous: $4
  • eatcoconut $2
  • StrykesVideos $10
  • ace $10
  • derkshaw $2
  • mitori $5
  • Anonymous $2
  • Anonymous $3
  • HiSkippy $10
  • Anonymous $2
  • Anonymous $2
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Latest reviews

Best app for chat! HANDS DOWN!
thank you very much <3 I hope one day I can pay back to you with a big donation for ur free softwares
Great tool, after initial setup things are great!
I stream iRacing in VR and Speech Chat let's me focus on driving but still interact with viewers. I love it!
Amazing addition to my stream! However it should have a way to customize in depth of specifying which users to read comments from. Although there are group options like Mods and subs, from a streamer's point of view there is no way to prioritize loyal and trusted users and those new trolls that would spam mercilessly.
Sometimes simplicity is the best value. This tool is clean, comfortable and effective.