Source Record

Source Record 0.3.4

Just the plugin I want! But the obs can't be opened again if I didn't delete this plugin before I close the obs,
Wonderful, phenomenal, splendid ...what a plugin...
I do lives with more than one camera, and one of the difficulties was saving the images from all cameras which made me record on camera cards. Now everything is easier, with only my regie I control all recordings from all cameras... Exeldro, congratulations.
The Source Record plugin is really awesome. It allows us to record individual scenes or sources.

Exeldro now even added an awesome new feature in Source Record 0.2.0 for us: the ability to locally record and/or remotely stream (via e.g. RTMP) the scenes/sources it is applied to. This opens a completely new world of possibilities where, for instance, presenters of a Zoom/Teams/Jitsi-based online event can be given an OBS Studio "portable" distribution (with Source Record included and pre-configured for them) which allows them to pass-through their webcam (via the OBS Virtual Camera) and AT THE SAME TIME either locally record theirself or be remotely recorded (by the event director). This way they can participate in real-time and in mid-quality, but their camera and screen shares can be still recorded in high quality!
this is the only (working) solution i found on internet to record seperated sources... excelent job... PLEASE, GIVE SUPPORT FOR PRISM LIVE
Hello, I have been using this plugin for the better part of a year. It took a bit to get used to and actually get things optimized for the setup i'm running, but it works great. There were some issue at the start with obs crashes and it not recording properly but I've solve the problems. Make sure to not use on game capture, instead use on a group with a set resolution and with the game capture plus whatever other game sources you use. I do the same thing for my camera. This is an excellent way for me to upgrade my videos and how I make them.
Awesome plugin, great work!
This is great, my only issue remains to be the fact that its really finicky at the start and I still cannot get it to fully work unfortunately.

The concept of recording sources is absolutely amazing for video editors and streamers, it essentially allows for you to have your cake (stream) and eat it to (remove the overlay and use it for videos).

Currently my main issue is that audio recorded is very glitchy and stutters consistently which means that this plugin just isn't personally viable but if you can get this working, it is great.

Best of luck, this is really good when it works.
Great plugin, I do have an issue with recording a different audio source becoming delayed. Any idea what may cause this?
Amazing plugin! It saved me quite a lot of time
Keep up the good work!
very easy to use and helpful!
THIS is what people have been requesting for AGES! Source Record lets you record a ISO or cleanfeed of your gameplay, webcam, whatever (and multiple at the same time) and even keep it in sync with your full stream!
exeldro this will work with obs 28 with version 0.3.2 of source record
Cool plugin however it still needs work with stability as I ran into frequent crashes when recording with an audio source and when it does record, the audio is really choppy. I would love to use this but I also want to wait for this to be further developed.
Keep up the good work Exeldro! I love your work and look forward to what comes next! :)
First off i would like to say thankyou for this plugin!

After doing some testing I would like to make a suggestion to pause the source recording when you pause the recording "Main", If the normal recording is paused the source recording keeps going in which can make de-syncing issues but overall thankyou for this plugin! hopefully you can integrate it into the main OBS Studio.
Freaking amazing! I have dreamt about this for quite a while, only thing i can really say is i would love for the plugins replay buffer to have more time than just 100 seconds, i have a beefy dual pc setup so im not really worried about performance :D
I know the plugin is not yet at the level that everyone wished (I have reported on the forum a list of issues I found myself), however rating it 5* just for the effort so far and for this being one of the plugins that a lot of streamers / content creators are dying for. Keep up the good work and would be good to knwo what all of us can do to help on top of donating. Example, why OBS itself isn't working directly with you to transform this into a native option?
Thanks! :)
Love the plugin, my only gripe with it us having to rebind the hotkey to save replay buffer every session, hopefully that can be addressed in a future update.
This plugin is good, and was sorely needed in OBS! Although, a few things are left to be ironed out.

-"Save Replay" shortcut resets to blank upon reloading the filter, either by activating/deactivating or due to a restart of OBS.
-If you try to remove the Source Record filter without disabling the buffer record, it crashes OBS.
-Source Record filter settings only update once you have turned the filter on and off.
-Replay buffer length can only be 100 seconds.

I really hope this plugin gets the extra bit of attention it needs to take it all the way to greatness, as it is nearly there!
i really like this plugin, it used to work pretty well, now it isnt, for some reason its recording only the source record scene and anything else, it used to record 2 scenes but now when my pc has been restarted it doesnt work, does someone know why does that happen?
I am using version 0.2.6 now, but it has a problem!
OBS will not open if the plug-in is not closed after each use.
I must manually find the plug-in path and delete it.
OBS can run normally.