Source Record

Source Record 0.3.4

Great idea but unfortunately it crashes OBS regularly when I stop recording or close OBS.
Source Record 0.3.2 - OBS Studio 29.1.1 (64 bit)
Update: After downgrading to OBS Studio 29.0 (64 bit) it crashes less and seems more stable. However it is still not usable as long as it causes crashes.
I suggest to uninstall the plugin and run a 2nd instance of OBS Studio to record the sources separately until a fix comes out.
This plugin keeps the obs crashing with the following error: Fault address: 0 ((null))
libobs version: 29.0.2 (64-bit)
It's truly a great idea but a terrible plugin!
For some reason it stops recording in the middle of a session, and it makes for double the work!
Got it working, but no matter what settings I put in, it always results in an encoder overload.
even on version 0.3.0 the replay buffer setting doesn't work, nothing happens when i press the hot key or manually press to save the buffer in obs. this makes the whole point for me using this plugin useless, as i use the replaybuffer to make clips for content
It is a good plugin, but there is a drawback and that is that when you want to change the scene collection, it throws an error.

"There was a problem changing scene collections and some sources could not be released. This issue is usually caused by plugins that have not released resources correctly. Make sure the plugins you are using are updated.
OBS Studio will now close to prevent any possible data corruption."

It is somewhat annoying, because when you want to work on other projects, it causes the obs to crash, but sometimes it usually happens that this error appears in the middle of the recording or minutes after opening the obs, it is something that should be solved, because it is really very annoying
With OBS 29.1.3 - the source record plugin is still having crashes as other reviewers have commented. I read that this latest OBS release addressed some issue with Source Record crashes but it doesn't appear to be working for me. Crashes stopped when uninstalled. Currently going back to 2nd OBS open w/ Virtual Camera but that doesn't include audio so ideally at some point the crashing issue is resolved. Also ideally OBS would natively incorporate an ISO record where can record a scene separately vs having to install a plugin.
Its grand only problem is it crashes OBS when i try to switch scene collections. A pity this was a good idea and needed natively.
NVIDIA NVENC HEVC with profile main10 (HDR) doesn't work when trying to record webcam and gameplay separately. Sometimes OBS crashes. For that to work, need to use x264 but no HDR.
Just by installing this plugin, even without it enabled or active on any source, my time to render frames went up by around ~7 milliseconds, causing a lot of missed frames.

And that's not to mention any of the crashes and encoder issues that other users have brought up.
PLEASE UPDATE description of the plug-in where it says that minimum OBS version is 26. From 0.3.1 and newer versions of plug-in the OBS lower than 28 / 29 version will NOT WORK. (you can check required version in updates section of plug-in page)
Just friendly reminder
As incredible a plugin as this is, I have not had a single good experience with it. Every time I try to take advantage of this plugin to make my video editing easier, OBS crashes constantly, whether it be freezing and not doing anything, or waiting for me to force close it. I want to love this plugin, but it needs some massive improvements first. Hopefully this can be fixed and we can all take advantage of this incredible plugin! :)
Love this program. My only issue is lately this plugin causes OBS to crash when I'm exiting the app. Uninstalling the plugin fixes the issue.
This plugin, in concept, is an amazing idea. Helps adding a feature that Streamlabs OBS has and OBS Studio does not. IF IT WORKS!

This feature constantly just crashes my computer otherwise. I have the latest of both OBS Studio and this plugin. I have a beefy computer and a 2080 Super GPU, so i shouldn't have a problem.

I would re-rate this plugin if it were stable - because it would solve a problem i have presently with OBS Studio over Streamlabs, yet this could be FAR better than what streamlabs has available if it worked right.
Very useful plugin. Thanks.
On OBS v28 PC version the filter appears on the sources, but on MAC version (I have M1 max, so ARM64) no filter shows in the list after I install it... Is Mac ARM64 not available yet?
This plug-in great when it works, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for what I want it for.

I'm trying to use this to record my game footage while I stream so I can make clean YT vids with it, which means I need it to record hours of footage. But that doesn't happen.

I finish out the recording on OBS, the normal recording works but the source recording is a fraction of what it should be and waiting ages doesn't seem to fix it. Closing OBS comes up with a crash report and the source recording finishes with a fraction of the footage. I'm not really sure what's going on here, maybe I didn't wait for it save for long enough? But I dunno, I waited a while and the normal OBS recording was done so... The problem is there's no indication as to whether the source recording is still saving or whether it's frozen.

Until it becomes more reliable I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it :/. Which is a shame cause it really is such a useful plugin.
Stops recording after some seconds when trying to capture a desktop source, and crashes when trying to record an app window.
Is a great and useful plugin when it works, yet sometimes using source record on my facecam will only have 1 file saved, (expecting the regular recording and facecam source record) and it will sometimes be corrupted.
overall its a good plugin, but when recording multiply videos it replaced the previous video I recently recorded with the new video...
facing weird issue lately .. not sure if its only with 28.0.1 or all .. didnt test yet ..
when i enable source record eyeball to active it and start recording it stuck .. shows recording but not recording or making any output files .. and when i click stop record it stuck untill i end task totally .. but working well when i turn off source record filter .. any help ?