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Scoreboard+ is now TeleScore
We are currently waiting for approval from the OBS moderators for the new TeleScore posting.

In the meantime, please checkout:

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Hello everyone this is a new update for OSX(mac) which features the same thing in 1.8.1 in Windows Scoreboard+. Please mind that OSX(Mac) version is still in development so it could crash anytime. Please know the instruction is in the folder when you unzip the file. Thank you for downloading and please contact me for glitches
Hello, I got a new update for you that fixes glitches and added new features:
-Added output to XML file
-Added auto update checker
-Fixed glitch that resets the time to wrong number
-Fixed stopwatch preset so it doesn't reset to preset time
-More glitches

Please remember if you have .XML file on you txt file won't be outputted
New update has came to Scoreboard+ which includes Sound feature, Remote feature still in development, and speed options. Please see the main page for more information
Hello everyone I am just posting a update that is coming. The reason why I haven't posted a update is because I am making a update that will have
- added icon
- added remote feature over network
- added sound
- fixed lots of glitches that is found by the people
- new version of OS X scoreboard+

So please wait for the new update that would be coming around 2 weeks or less from now! Thank you
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.23.37 PM.png
Warning: Delay on txt file which will make a delay txt to OBS

Hello everyone I got great news for Apple peoples. I made a Scoreboard+ on OSX(Mac) so now if you want to use it for mac here you go! Remember this is beta so there will be more bugs and glitches in this version. I have disabled Shortcutkey/Hotkey since I need to recode that part. Remember the Sound tab is not for use right now and there will be a button in that tab but it won't do anything for now. I will add that in the future version but anyway thank you for support and keep using this program. Remember if there is bugs or glitches please email me:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.23.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.24.01 PM.png
Hello everyone Ian here and I have a new design/beta release for this update. Remember this is version is in BETA so this version won't be stable nor has fixed all the glitches (Please if you find one please tweet me @ha0511kr or send me a e-mail:). There can be changes made in the 1.7.14Dev so please if you have any suggetions please tweet me or e-mail me now! I will try to get well known glitches fixed by Dev version so please be patient! These are the things that has changes:

  1. New Design
  2. Added "Always on top" suggested by: KiRPiCH
  3. Made Checkbox for Timer/Stopwatch "To" predefined time
  4. Deleted console
  5. Fixed little bit of glitches(Dev version will have more glitches fixed)
Here is some photos:


Hello everyone I have this little update since I found the stopwatch goes over 1 second in the 0 point. Example 11:59 -> 12:01 so it is fixed! But there are still a lot more glitches and bug that I will need to fix. I will make a big update after this one which will fix a lot of glitches. Please if you see any bugs or glitches please e-mail me or tweet meet @ha0511kr for faster response. Thank you!
Hello everyone I found a bug that doesn't make the score reset in this version I fixed that! I am really sorry it I didn't notice this bug earlier. Thank you so much
Scoreboard+ Tutorial:

Hello Everyone I finally made an update 1.7.11Dev that includes these fixes down below. Thank Jan for finding these bugs! Enjoy the program.
- Fixed numbers when you input 11:00 it outputs 11:0. Both Timer and Stopwatch
- Now it will be same time as you input the time
- Better stopwatch