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OBS Lua Scene Execute Command 1.1.0

I wanted to execute batch script when switching my scenes, this Lua script allows me to do that! It is working great
marklagendijk responded within hours of my problem using this plugin to control a Datavideo PTC-140 camera. His advice was exactly correct.
This worked perfectly with my Hilook (Hikvision) PTZ camera.
I used the setting from Nicovdd above as the Command
curl --anyauth --user admin:Password -X PUT

Then set the scene value to the preset number.
I had to setup the presets via the web interface for the camera. Used the Internet Explorer addon for Chrome.
Works excellent!

The command for my HikVision DS-2DE4225IW-DE to change between presets

curl --anyauth --user admin:Password -X PUT >> c:\OBSLogs\commandlogs