Scene Collection Manager

Scene Collection Manager 0.1.1

The amount of anxiety this saves me cannot be put into words. Thank you!
As always, another phenomenal plugin! :D Thank you so very much!
Recientemente perdí muchas escenas y no tenía un respaldo reciente. Esto me va a salvar de ahora en más! Excelente plugin
Great help!
Simple and effective disaster recovery. Thank you!
Excellent plugin and simple to use! Really Useful!!!!
The plugin exports not only the scene, but also any source media, .lua scripts or plugins that your scene contains, which is very handy when moving from one laptop to another!

It can also create up to 999 backup versions of your scene. The .json file is automatically saved in the main OBS scene folder.

Thank you Exeldro for this germ
Literally useless. Does not do anything. Just imports/exports Scene Collections, a thing OBS can already do.
Core OBS does not do the automatic backup option and it does not put all resources in the folder when exporting.