Scale To Sound

Scale To Sound 1.0.0

If updating from a 0.x.x release, delete the files of the previous version you have installed
On Windows those are
  • (OBS install folder)\obs-plugins\32bit\obs-scale-to-sound.dll/.pdb
  • (OBS install folder)\obs-plugins\64bit\obs-scale-to-sound.dll/.pdb
  • (OBS install folder)\data\obs-plugins\obs-scale-to-sound
For the other platforms just delete the folder obs-scale-to-sound
on macOS: /Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins
on Linux: ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins

  • Added a smoothing option
Added support for macOS
I don't have a macOS device so I can't test anything. If it does not work let me know in the discussion or post an issue on GitHub.
  • Added inverse scaling option
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Plugin should no longer make OBS crash on filter removal/shut down if selected audio source has monitoring on (caused by memory leaks)
  • Added options to scale only width or only height
  • Filter no longer makes source have max size when starting OBS and no audio is playing
  • Filter updates when source width/height is updated (for example when changing the image of an image source)
Minimum size can now be set to 0, to hide the source
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