Pulsoid - Heart Rate Streaming

Free Pulsoid - Heart Rate Streaming 1.2.2

Pulsoid Analytics tool will show you all vods where the heart rate monitor was used and we can build charts with your bpm data. Overall statistics show maximum heart rate, minimum heart rate, average heart rate and the number of hours streamed with Pulsoid.

You can open any VOD analytics and see Maximum heart rate, average heart rate, intensity, and spikes for that stream. You will see chart with your pulse data for the session. Choose any bar to see a detailed chart and see the highlight from the VOD.

Yes, from now you can also generate the public page and share it with your community. Let viewers to see data after you finished your stream and check the most intensive moments again!
We added the real-time graph that shows your heart rate continuously for the previous 5 minutes.
The widget works for all BRO plan users or ones who have a free trial.
You can change color, font, transparency in settings. Find out more about the real-time heart rate graph for the stream.
You can set up a widget that will show images based on current bpm.
Read more about custom pictures bpm widget that shows your own images based on pulse range
We added new BRO plan that includes the new awesome widgets, analytics tool to look through previous stream heart rate data and search for best clips and CSV export.
From now you will be able to add a FEW widgets with different configs and use them on different screens or with different games. It was done for users who are trying to match the widget design with the whole layout and was forced to change the widget design every time. It is over. From now you can create as many widgets as you want!



Now you can change the color of different ranges or make it invisible.
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New animations are available
Check out heart rate widget for streaming