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Free Pulsoid - Heart Rate Streaming 2022-09-01

Pulsoid helps streamers to add their heart rate on stream.

If you want to add our widget to your stream, there are few simple steps you need to do:

How it works:
When you open the Pulsoid mobile app you can see the list of all BLE devices near you and you have to choose your monitor. Heart Rate monitor connects to the Pulsoid app on your phone(for Android or for iOS). The app sends heart rate data through an Internet connection and it is available on our website in your Dashboard and widgets. To add Heart Rate to your stream you need to copy widget URL from Configuration page and add it as a Browser Source in OBS.
You can customize fonts, colors, transparency on the Configuration page. Also, ECG animation is available.

A configuration of a real-time heart rate widget for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming:
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 15.00.23.png

What monitors are supported?

Choose one of the supported devices for heart rate streaming with Pulsoid. To use our application you need Chest Belt Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth support. e.g.: CooSpo h6, Polar H10 or another similar device.


If you need any help contact us on Twitter, join Discord, or email at support@pulsoid.net
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Latest reviews

I've been using Pulsoid since October 2020 as a variety horror creator on Twitch at the time. The Android App works seamlessly with my Polar H10 heart rate monitor (chest strap) and responsively shows my heart rate on stream with a simple browser source. It's very configurable and my community has expressed that they like seeing my heart rate especially during horror games many times. I've also seen several close friends adopt it and enjoy it in their own streams as well. Would definitely recommend!
Excelent Work!! Works simple and pretty!!!
Thanks! You are great :)
I've used it while broadcasting on twitch.
It works pretty nice, but you should be sure that battery is charged ;)
Thank you very much for leaving a review, and giving useful tip for other users.
Our team is really happy to read it!