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Pixel Match Switcher 0.31.8-alpha

- OpenGL shader fixes (OSX, Linux, flatpak builds should now work!)
- reaction for each match entry can contain multiple actions
- there is a separate set of actions for match (off -> on) vs unmatch (off -> on)
- supported action types:
- switch scene (using default or specific transition)
- scene item on/off
- filter on/off
- audio source mute/unmute
- simulated hotkeys (must be assigned)
- write to file (append or truncate)
- frontend actions
- entries can have a cooldown, meaning the entry will not "switch on" for the duration of the cooldown
- match list shows cooldowns and linger entries
- bugfix srgb issue that resulted in incorrect matching
- installers based on OBS 27.0.1
- lots of new functionality and bugs are likely; please report and be patient!

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