OBS Kinect (with faux green screen)

OBS Kinect (with faux green screen) 2022-03-12

This is a fantastic plugin, especially now that it supports the original Kinect!
Thank you so much for making this, these camera's deserve a second life. It's a shame how bad they looked on 360, they didn't deserve that.
It works and I am happy to reuse my kinect v2 on OBS. Thanks for making this plugin.
I use it with the Kinect v2, it works extremely well, thank you very much!
I created OBS account to just give you 5 stars
this is an excellent plugin that makes my kinect v1 usable again
Recent OBS update seems to have broken all functionality of this plug-in. My two Kinect V1 no longer appear in KinectSource, and reinstalling the plug-in seems to have no effect.
This should be fixed with the last version: https://github.com/SirLynix/obs-kinect/releases/tag/v1.0-rc1