OBS Kinect (with faux green screen)

OBS Kinect (with faux green screen) 2022-03-12

OBS-Studio last update seems to have broken the previous version of this plugin, so here's a quick update that fixes this, and adds a lot of features as well:
  • obs-kinect now supports all Kinect versions, including Azure
  • There's a preliminary support for Linux (see #9)
  • You can now blur or replace your background instead of removing it
  • You can now control camera settings on every Kinect model on Windows (only Azure on Linux for now)
  • Added visibility mask override (see #52)
  • Add polish translation (#27)
  • Add korean translation (#46)
  • Add czesh translation (#53)
  • obs-kinect is now built using xmake, which will handle most dependencies for you!
From 0.3RC1:
  • Added support for Kinect v1 (with support for dedicated background removal)
  • You can now select which Kinect you want to use
  • You can now duplicate Kinect sources and pay the cost of polling each device one time, no matter how many sources you have.
  • Added "Body or depth" and "Body within depth" green screen modes
  • Added support for Kinect v2 service process priority update
  • Added a camera icon
  • Fixed depth/IR size (it will no longer be stretched)
  • Added dirty depth option (helps with flickering when little movement is involved)
  • Added german translation (incomplete), thanks to @pucgenie and @saphir1997
  • Performance improvements
  • (RC2) Fixed translation of sources/greenscreen types.
  • (RC2) The plugins now checks the version of OBS at startup to print an explicit error message is running on OBS < 25.0
  • (RC2) (Kinectv1) Fixed error message handling
  • (RC2) (Kinectv1) Added a checkbox to enable near mode (disabled by default, cannot be enabled on Kinect for 360 version)
  • (RC2) (Kinectv1) Added a checkbox to enable high-res color mode (output RGB at 1280x960 instead of 640x480, but at 15hz)
  • (RC2) (Kinectv2) The plugin no longer tries to set KinectService.exe priority to normal if it hasn't changed it in the first place.