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Free Multi Streaming Server 1.0

Multi Streaming Server
A Nginx server with RTMP module to send video streaming to multiple services.

If you have an optical fiber connection, you might want to send your live streams to multiple services to reach a wider audience.

If you use Open Broadcast Software, I know it's possible to launch multiple instances, but it has a large CPU cost.

With this project, you can have only one stream to send and the Nginx RTMP server will dispatch this stream to every streaming services that you want. The only brake is your upload speed.

Please note that you also can encode your stream on the fly. If you want to stream to Youtube Gaming in 1080p at 60 FPS and on Twitch in 720p at 30 FPS, it's possible changing the Nginx configuration file.

To work on Windows, this project needs to run a Unix VM (exec command doesn't work on Windows), but this VM is automatically setup using Vagrant.

You also need a software to stream to the Nginx server. I personally used Open Broadcast Software.

Rename the file nginx.template.conf (located to nginx/conf/) into nginx.conf and change its content with your specific data. For instance, you need to change {{ youtube_key }} by your Youtube stream key.

Then, launch this command at the root folder of this project (where there is the Vagrant file): vagrant up

If you see the message "Nginx is ready to use", you can start to stream. With OBS, change the RTMP URL to rtmp://, you don't need to enter a stream key.

To check that the stream is properly received and sent to each services, you can browse to
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