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Free Multi Streaming Server 1.0


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Noxalus submitted a new resource:

Multi Streaming Server - A Nginx server with RTMP module to send video streaming to multiple services.

Multi Streaming Server
A Nginx server with RTMP module to send video streaming to multiple services.

If you have an optical fiber connection, you might want to send your live streams to multiple services to reach a wider audience.

If you use Open Broadcast Software, I know it's possible to launch multiple instances, but it has a large CPU cost.

With this project, you can have only one stream to send and the Nginx RTMP server will dispatch this stream to every...

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Nice thing you've done here !

I have a dedicated serverso i'm interested to use this on it.

it would be nice if you write a more complete documentation and you let us have the possibility to generate a stream key I'd like to put this on my dedicated server.


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I couldn't get it to work. I think the problem is the IP, i can't even connect to stats server. :(


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Oups, sorry, I didn't receive notifications for new messages here :'(

I've done this script for my personal use first, but I finally published it because I think it can be useful for other people. I currently use it on a dedicated server and it works as expected for me.

I agree to say that the documentation should be a little bit complete, but for now, if you have any question, please let me know!

@Majow: Did you use vagrant or a dedicated server? Did you have any error during the script execution (executed during vagrant provision)? I think that you didn't update the nginx.conf with your personal informations (stream keys) so Nginx didn't start, is that correct?

Please submit a new issue on the GitHub repository to have a quick answer (I receive notifications there :D).
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How is this different from the guide that was posted 2 years ago on how to set this up yourself? Just curious. I ahve built the nginx RTMP module many times to do some advanced routing into other master control computers to run commercials and even stream 3 different live streams all on one stream.


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Hi, I'm really new to the Streaming world and found this streaming server. I'd like to know how to install it, what the requirements are and so on.

Thanks, any help is very appreciated


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Hi we want to replace Wowza because its heavy we have multi bittrates for live streaming we need light weight streaming server that can replace Wowza.
In Wowza we are using smil for adaptive bittrate can you guide how this tool can help us in our matter?



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I don't mean to necrobump this, but... can anyone help me solve this issue?