This adds so much to OBS. It's incredible. Thank you Exeldro.
This is a fantastic resource, however I noticed that if a source is in a folder it will not be picked up by the move transition. I use a lot of folders and that makes it so most of my sources aren't recognized. As it is I cannot use this transition sadly.
As the rest of Exeldro plugins, it's perfect, and very feasible and stable! Many thanls for such a good work!!!
Personally my most favourite OBS plugin of all time! I haven't used any other type of transition since I found this gem.

I was facing an issue where transitions weren't working as expected when using nested scenes with the same camera source, so I went to the OBS Discord and spoke with the developer about it, who pushed an update to the plugin within minutes to add nested scenes support!

Extremely Powerful
Such a great transition, quickly became my default.
Hello! I'm currently using OBS Studio 30.0.2, and I must say, it's a fantastic plugin with a plethora of features. However, I've encountered an issue where the 'Get Transform' or 'Get Values' functions don't seem to work for me. This unfortunately renders the plugin unusable for me as I would love to utilize the 'Move Source' filter. I've tried running it both in Admin mode and Normal mode, and whether it's the portable or installed version, the functionality just doesn't seem to kick in. Is there a solution or workaround available for this?
I love this plugin!

That said, Exeldro you really need to add a "If you're using OBS version 27, you need to download version 2.6.1" at the top of the description (an alert like other plugin descriptions have). Without the warning, users assume that the latest version is backwards compatible with all OBS versions and not just with OBS 28+. It's frustrating when you download and install a plugin, see that it's not working, and having to search why this didn't work out of the box.
This is (IMO) the most visually indispensable plugin for OBS. Exeldro has contributed so much to the community just in this one plugin--not to mention his other plugins
An amazing plugin from an amazing programmer.
The best plugin for OBS studio, essential in all my scene collections.
Excellent plugin. Customization can be overwhelming. I would like a "sync all settings"-checkbox.
Incredible plugin. Nothing touches it. It's way more powerful than you might think. Trust me.
Fantastic plugin. Works fluidly and is actively updated by the creator.

We used it for all the "virtual camera moves" and other interface animations in our live stream YouTube show:
Fantastic resource and LOVE your plugins. Really useful and value-add. THANK YOU! For some reason though the “move source” actions don’t continue to work if I log out of OBS or switch off and back on again. All the parameters set (transition time, reverse, key strokes, etc) remain but the sources fail to move, almost like they forgot the positions to move to. Any ideas? I can get by as long as I redo the “move source” but obviously prefer not to have to do that every time I close OBS or log in next day, etc.
i have made so many uses for this 'thing'. many thanks
I already updated to version 2.7.2 and it has better functions, excellent fixes, exeldro
A must that everyone need to have
The Best....can't wait to see what you come up with next!!
One of the best plugins, if not the best for OBS Studio. It still has a few small bugs, but I am confident that when they are fixed the plugin will be an asset to everyone!