pure genius. such a next level plugin.
I used SLOBS for like a second and I didn't want to subscribe to stream free from my computer, cool widgets and plugins and all. This plugin here I wasn't using before (wasn't registered here either oops) and now I see the value in the devs of OBS. Beauty plugin thank you!
This has to be one of the best plugins available for OBS. Your solutions for OBS are becoming prolific and on-target. Really impressive, thank you!
Works. No crashes so far.
Amazing plugin, you can do so much with it that looks like pure magic! Thanks a lot!
Absolutely wicked, one of the best resources in OBS to date.
I have downloaded the plugin, getting everything installed but when I am looking up for the move transition It does not appear on my OBS only the effects: Stinger, Luma Wipe, Shader, Shader, I need some help
Are you on OBS 28 click the plus button in the transition dock.
Are you on OBS 27, make sure you install version 2.6.1 or lower of the plugin.
For more support use the discussion page, discord or twitter.
I download and install plugin with OBS 28 using Windows Insaller on versions (2.7.0, 2.6.4) and on both cases i clic on the + button to add the transition and is not showing move transition
Did it install in the correct directory? Is move-transition.dll in the correct plugins folder? Does the obs log file show loading move-transition.dll?
I download and install plugin with OBS 28 using Windows Insaller on versions 2.7.0 and try the other version to install it manually and both cases didnt work, didnt see any transition.
Already Installed correctly in the obs folder.
1. "move-transition.dll" already in the correct plugins folder
2. Im downloading the 2.7.0 move transition because I literally cannot find how to download the old versions in here. can u give link?
3. I'm using OBS version 26.1.1

The problem is. When I click the "+" button on filters, theres no plugin occurs. cant even see the "move" button. Why? Thank you for your help
You download old versions of the move transition plugin here: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/move-transition.913/history
Sorry to rate terrible, but are any of these actually compatible with intel MacOS? I've tried time warp, move transition, and recursion. No zip files in any of the downloaded folders. The folders do contain packages, but after installation nothing shows up in OBS. So what is being downloaded to my computer?
For support use the discussion page or OBS discord.