For inexperienced users of OBS, install scripts have been added.

Just run the script for your platform (.bat for Windows, .sh for Linux or Mac), and it should copy the files to your user themes directory.

This update also adds support for a beta plugin I am developing…
For those having issues with installation, here are a few tips to get you started.

You can also visit the OBS themes wiki for more information!
  • Don't have a themes folder in obs-studio? Create it!
  • Some ZIP utilities, such as macOS' Archive Utility, will extract the ZIP into a folder named after the ZIP file. In this case, the files for Step #1 will be inside.
    • E.G. theme_file_archive.ziptheme_file_archive/[files you need]
  • You can manually navigate to the folder on both Mac and PC respectively;
    • On Windows, %APPDATA% = C:\Users\[Your User Here]\AppData\Roaming
    • On Mac, ~/Library = /users/[Your User Here]/Library
Fixes issue brought by @Noar Prodz on missing iconography in the hotkey menu.

Update: Fixed critical issue caused by leftover test QSS which broke preview pane when preview was disabled. Also fixed height of scene transitions widget.

Requires OBS 28.0 or later; tested on macOS Ventura 13.1 & Windows 11.

Instructions available @
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This theme has been updated for OBS v28, and tested on both macOS Ventura and Windows 11.

I also fixed some issues such as the scrollbars and status bar on Windows, and it's now a unified theme file (as the updated version of OBS appears to have less platform-dependent "quirks").