Mini Padder

Free Mini Padder 5.4.3

Simple gamepad input overlay for streaming, with default skins that keep good readability even in tough encoding situations.
  • Supports 4 gamepads simultaneously.
  • Default skins for XInput, DInput, 8-button arcade joysticks and 6-button gamepads.
  • Fade-out effect for unused buttons, of which the duration and opacity can be adjusted.
  • Directly capture from OBS without running external programs.
  • A Chromium browser environment and access to local storage. This is the environment of OBS browser source.
  • Features confirmed to be working on OBS 24.0.3 and onward. On OBS 21.1.0 and below, gamepad inputs might not be detected.
How to Use
  • From OBS browser source, put the landing address of the download link as URL. Recommended Width and Height is 1048 × 600.
  • Right-click the source, select Transform -> Edit Transform... to crop off outside of the intended display area.
    The intended display area varies with the way multiple gamepads are displayed. Single gamepad area is 256 × 144, and the overall area size will be displayed on the control panel. The margin between each gamepad areas is 8 pixels.
  • To make a change using the control panel, right-click the source and select Interact.
  • Mini Padder will start showing gamepads on their first input.
See the wiki page for a little more detailed guide on how to use.

Exporting & Importing Settings

A web page can't read files from the client computer before the user allows it, so this progress couldn't be made simple.
  • If you made a custom skin, load the files on the control panel. Loaded skin then can be copied as a single large JSON on the control panel. To learn how to make a custom skin, refer to the wiki page.
  • If you want to keep settings for the application outside of it, you can copy them as a form of JSON text from the page. Paste such text to import settings.
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Latest updates

  1. Update.

    Changed the dpad of Super Pad skins to keep the consistency with other default skins. Changed...
  2. DP & LS Separation, Shoulder Button Modification

    [5.4.1] Dpad Focused Gamepad Skins Separation Super Pad and F Commanders are for gamepads that...
  3. Assignment Order Change

    I found that if R2 in a controller emits signal as both an axis and a button, it can interfere...

Latest reviews

Wow, I was using Input-Overlay. But I stopped using an Xbox One controller as I had 3 of them go bad in a year. I got an 8Bitdo Ultimate and I could not find anything that would work with it as an overlay. This worked out of the box with everything I had I hope it stays working but I just wanted to post and say thank you for making and sharing this I love the way it looks also!
Works great, thanks for this!
Works like a charm on controllers and arcade sticks.
Is there any way for this to work with HoTaS joysticks as well as rudders?
As long as the browser supports them, and flight stick inputs can be sorted into the modern gamepad inputs, you can remap the inputs to make it work. If you are talking about a corresponding skin for flight sticks, it would be better for an experienced person to design one, as I don't know how flight sticks work in general.
Literally one of the easiest Input Overlays to use for gamepads/controllers. Had it setup and looking great within 3 minutes! Wish there were some sort of a small selection of skins to choose from or style/color combos besides the default with an easy chooser or drop down, but the tool is flexible enough that you can totally create anything you want if you've got the gusto and programming know how, I believe there is a guide as well. Overall very happy, and with support for up to 4 simultaneous controllers of varying types, 2-4 player couch co-op or vs. situations can be captured so easily!
I am really glad to hear you are happy with Mini Padder!
I think it's cool to have a prefabricated skin system, but I couldn't manage bringing up a good structure for it. The skin customization guide and variations on the default skins are my attempt to compensate.
I don't think this is something you would be happy to have, but I just released recoloured variations of the gamepad skins. And your review was the motivation for it. Thanks a lot!