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Main View Source 0.2.4

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  1. 64-bit
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  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux

This is a simple plugin for OBS Studio that provides a source to duplicate the main view.
This plugin is compatible with Source Record filter and Dedicated NDI filter.

Downstream Keyer plugin provides a source named "Output Source", which has almost same functionality as this plugin. I recommend Output Source as it is much mature than this plugin.

Possible usage is changing aspect by cropping the program and stream to another place.


Cache the main view

Cache texture of the main view at the first rendering and reuse the cached texture for the later rendering. If enabled, the previous frame will be displayed if the source is nested. Also scene items overflowing the texture will be cropped. Enable this setting if one of these conditions applies.
  • You want to hide overflowing scene items outside the bounding box of the main view.
  • You want to put the source on the main view to enjoy fractals.

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You can donate to me via PayPal, GitHub, open collective, Ko-fi.

I appreciate ASchneiderBR. WIthout his comment on GIthub Issue, I could not come across the idea how to implement this plugin.
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Latest reviews

This has been a game changer. This is an AWESOME plugin! Btw, no virus associated. I carefully scanned! Thank you again!
The antivirus told me that it had a virus and that it warned me that the virus was severe. DO NOT INSTALL IT
If it's obs-main-view-source-0.2.0-obs27-Windows-Installer.exe, it would be just because the installer is not signed. Their business is to wan an installer as a virus if the installer is not signed. To sign the installer, developer need to pay annual subscription. I will consider removing the installer packages in future.
Very useful plug-in for creating custom program monitor for your hosts or guests (by creating a scene, adding this source, add other sources for timers, comments etc. and then projector that scene to another display monitor)