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OBS Lua Lua Color Source 1.0

After struggling to understand how to create a video source using the scripting interface, having found the documentation lacking in several ways, I finally pieced together this simple clone of the OBS Color Source found here:

This script creates a new source called "Lua Color Source" that you can add to a scene, and it works exactly like the regular "Color Source". This may not seem like a particularly useful script, but it has a lot of academic uses for people trying to learn how to create their own source filters using the scripting interface, rather than just hijacking other sources and updating their settings (which I have done in my own Youtube Auto Loader script, as well as several scripts I have written for personal use). This will hopefully serve as a baseline for a "Progress Bar" script I want to create for a streamer I work with regularly.

I would have preferred to release this under a more liberal MIT license, but as the vast majority of the code was copied from the GPLv2 Color Source code, all the strings that go with that apply.
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