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OBS Lua Lua Color Source 1.0

iwatchgamessometimes submitted a new resource:

Lua Color Source - A basic, solid, working example of how to make a video source filter in lua based on "Color Source"

After struggling to understand how to create a video source using the scripting interface, having found the documentation lacking in several ways, I finally pieced together this simple clone of the OBS Color Source found here:

This script creates a new source called "Lua Color Source" that you can add to a scene, and it works exactly like the regular "Color Source". This may not...

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New Member
Hey. Help me please. How can mouse events be used in your code?

For example:

lcolor_source.mouse_click = function (data, event, type, mouse_up, click_count)
print ("mouse_click")

lcolor_source.key_click = function (data, event, key_up)
print ("key_click")

lcolor_source.focus = function (data, focus)
print ("focus")

lcolor_source.mouse_wheel = function (data, event, x_delta, y_delta)
print ("mouse_wheel")

lcolor_source.mouse_move = function (data, event, mouse_leave)
print ("mouse_move")

None of this works for me when I click on the white square with the mouse. If you have any ideas, please help me figure it out. Thank`s.