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OBS Lua Youtube Auto-Loader 1.0

This script will connect to an existing browser source and use it to play back minimalist embedded versions of youtube clips. It will rewrite the URL and the CSS of the source each time it detects a youtube link from the Windows clipboard. The CSS edits are to make sure that the source is completely transparent once playback is finished, but they are set in a variable at the top of the script if you want to alter them.

This supports links in both and forms. It may not detect all links properly, as I was working from the assumption that [A-Z0-9_-] were the only valid characters in a video's short name. It also is very likely to fail for any videos using streaming media extensions for DRM. This is a limitation of the youtube platform when it comes to using embedded players. I do not wish to use the full player for this as it uses a lot of unnecessary resources when human interaction is not desired, but it should not be too difficult to edit the link if so desired.
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