LiveVisionKit 1.2.2 updates OpenCV to version 4.7.0 and fixes a few small bugs.

Changes & Fixes:
  • Updated to OpenCV 4.7.0
  • Fixed crash when lowering stabilization filter smoothing frames while filter is disabled.
  • Fixed unknown output size error in the FSR Video Scaling filter when OBS is changed to a different language.
LiveVisionKit 1.2.1 is here! This update brings the Linux version into feature parity with the Windows release, along with initial support for language translations (Spanish and English only at the moment), and various fixes and improvements that aim to make the use of LiveVisionKit a bit more robust.

Note that OBS-Studio 27.2.4 versions have been provided for backwards compatibility, named 'OBS27...' - these will be discontinued going forwards.

New Features

* Updated to support OBS-Studio 28.0.3.
* Updated the OpenCV library to version 4.6.0.
* Added language localization support for all filters.
* Added Spanish and English (UK) translations, with more to come in the future.
* Enabled OpenCL-OpenGL interoperability on Linux, allowing all filters to efficiently run as effect filters on systems which support the `cl_khr_gl_sharing` OpenCL extension (currently Nvidia only).
* Added a backup OpenCL-OpenGL compatibility layer for when the aforementioned interoperability functions are not supported, or fail to pass driver tests. This allows all filters to run as effect filters at the cost of worse performance.
* Filters which do not support HDR (introduced in OBS 28) will now automatically disable themselves when presented with HDR video, and must be manually re-enabled outside of HDR content.
* The Video Stabilization filter will now re-synchronize its internal queues they ever (somehow) become out of sync.
* The Video Stabilization filter no longer needs to completely restart when changing the smoothing radius.
* Video filters which introduce a stream delay will no longer crash if an expected frame goes missing and cannot be found.
* Added various new log messages.

Changes & Fixes
* Fixed the Video Stabilization filter's 'stream delay' value being one frame too long.
* Fixed an issue where the Video Stabilizer, running as a video filter, would sometimes fail to respect effect filters which resize the video.
* Reduced the chance of a crash when the Video Stabilizer is suddenly presented with a frame of a new size (while processing a '.webm' video).
* Increased the Video Stabilization filter's minimum smoothing radius from 2 to 4 for future maintainability reasons.
* Changed the default Video Stabilization suppression mode value to 'strict' in order to enforce better stabilization out of the box.
* Slightly optimized the Video Stabilizer's CPU usage when applying a crop.
* Removed any logic which could introduce potentially buggy behavior on different systems when presented with an unsigned integer underflow.
* Fixed various memory leaks and segfaults caused by improper termination of the OpenCL context on certain Linux distributions.
* Removed the use of AVX extensions for better CPU compatibility. This will be re-introduced in the future if the performance penalty increases.
LiveVisionKit 1.2.0 has been released, bringing improvements to stabilization and DirectX11-OpenCL interop that allows all filters to be ran as effect filters on Windows. You can now run the stabilization filter on suitable VR games!


Linux & Windows​

  • Added optional suppression functionality to the video stabilizer, allowing stabilization to automatically turn off when the video content is unsuitable.
  • Added a dynamic motion model to the video stabilizer, which attempts to pick the best motion model on the fly.
  • Added more sophisticated logging to help with issue diagnosis.
  • Fixed lens correction crash when OBS is started with an invalid calibration profile.

Windows Only​

  • Added a Video Stabilizer effect filter. Please note that you will need to manually delay your audio when using this filter, check the wiki page for more information.
  • Added an Adaptive De-Blocking effect filter.
  • Added a Lens Correction effect filter.
  • Added a Calibration Tool effect filter.