I am using this for some tech DIY videos. Using it to stabilise the camera that is on a mount that shakes whenever I touch the desk I am working on. The result is satisfactory if I pay a bit attention to not hit the desk and saved me around $30 from buying a better (more steady mount).

Thank you!!!
Trying to use this to remove camera vibrations for vehicle-mounted small IP camera. So far, I'm not seeing much improvement. I've been using Smoothing Radius = 20, Dynamic Model, and Strict / Relaxed suppression modes. My IP camera shoots at 25 fps at 3MP resolution. Not sure how to improve the filter performance.
Hi, it is difficult to stabilize a shaky video with a low framerate (25). I suspect this may be part of the issue. Please consider sharing some of your video footage for testing by using the following form: https://forms.gle/9qWKxBfEJ2ChcYpR8. These will considered when designing and optimizing filters in future updates.
I'm using this plugin for electronic image stabilization of a video stream coming from a PTZ camera mounted on the front of a church balcony. Unfortunately, the camera shakes just from people walking around in the balcony. This is the first time I've found any software solution for this problem, let alone a free solution! It doesn't completely eliminate the camera shake under the most extreme conditions, but for the most part, it seems to perform quite well.
Real-Time Video Stabilization works like a charm!! It's an awesome plugin. It will be nice to have a tutorial on how use all of it's features
Seems like it would be great, crashes after like 5 mins. :/
gtx 1080
Hi, please consider making a post in the dedicated issue reporting channel (https://github.com/Crowsinc/LiveVisionKit/issues) so we can have an in-depth look into why you are experiencing stability issues.