LiveVisionKit 1.2.0 has been released, bringing improvements to stabilization and DirectX11-OpenCL interop that allows all filters to be ran as effect filters on Windows. You can now run the stabilization filter on suitable VR games!


Linux & Windows​

  • Added optional suppression functionality to the video stabilizer, allowing stabilization to automatically turn off when the video content is unsuitable.
  • Added a dynamic motion model to the video stabilizer, which attempts to pick the best motion model on the fly.
  • Added more sophisticated logging to help with issue diagnosis.
  • Fixed lens correction crash when OBS is started with an invalid calibration profile.

Windows Only​

  • Added a Video Stabilizer effect filter. Please note that you will need to manually delay your audio when using this filter, check the wiki page for more information.
  • Added an Adaptive De-Blocking effect filter.
  • Added a Lens Correction effect filter.
  • Added a Calibration Tool effect filter.