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Thanks for all the recent signups, conversations and follows. But we need more!! We need more users to try out the system so that we can HEAR your feedback. We want to make sure the product is serving your needs and bringing real value to live streaming workflow.
  • What do you think about our Live Chat relay?
  • Was it clear how to add a stream profile?
  • Do you schedule your upcoming live streams?
  • Do you stream to Azubu?
  • Twitch or YouTube; what is your fav?
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Yes. I know it is hard to believe, but our latest platform upgrade was made earlier today and boy did we make it easy for you to split-stream, multi-stream, #joicast... what ever you call it.

We now have a 100% FREE tier.
No more need for promo codes.

Some more features/updates that I'm sure you will love:
  • We have added in more ingestion servers.
  • Updated our "Live Chat Relay" system
  • Added in support for social sharing; Twitter & Facebook
  • Bunch of YouTube specific support
  • Numerous other fixes; too many to list.
So sign up & start #joicasting today! -