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JOICASTER - your content. everywhere

Hey Guys,

We at JOICASTER need your help. We have recently added in some new BETA features and would love your feedback. Please sign up for an account ( and use the following promo code (7FREE!) for complete access to the latest version of the JOICASTER platform and live stream your content to all the popular streaming platforms:

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Popular Platforms Currently Supported:
  • Twitch -...

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JOICASTER - Has Gotten Better

Yes. I know it is hard to believe, but our latest platform upgrade was made earlier today and boy did we make it easy for you to split-stream, multi-stream, #joicast... what ever you call it.
  • We have added in more ingestion servers.
  • Updated our "Live Chat Relay" system
  • Added in support for social sharing; Twitter & Facebook
  • Bunch of YouTube specific support
  • Numerous other fixes; too many to list.
And best of all...
We now...

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I can only say (after trying) that this will be a huge competition between and services. While Joicaster offers additional editing possibilities (like altering the description, making the video private and so on) and quite easy UI, although it's a bit limited (max 4 places to stream at once (I don't know it that also includes the Joicaster Network), Restream offers completely free service to stream to as many places as you want (and the list of places to stream is big and I guess still increasing), it offers slightly less customization (no description edit, chat is limited at the moment, can't plan the events ahead)... It's hard to say which one is better. I guess they're even at this point.

..Although I'm personally sticking to Joicaster for now.


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Latest & Greatest - Help Needed

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the recent signups, conversations and follows. But we need more!! We need more users to try out the system so that we can HEAR your feedback. We want to make sure the product is serving your needs and bringing real value to live streaming workflow.
  • What do you think about our Live Chat relay?
  • Was it clear how to add a stream profile?
  • Do you schedule your upcoming live streams?
  • Do you stream to Azubu?
  • Twitch or YouTube; what is your fav?...

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