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Free jASH - just A Stream Helper jASH v1 -

[ADD] - Option to take random sound WITHOUT the default "woohoo" sound :)
[FIX] - case sensitive is a bitch ... sometimes :) .WAV files will work now. Sorry for that :/
[CHANGE] - Some stuff on the random sounds. Should work much smoother
[CHANGE] - Some stuff on the soundclass. Loading process should be a littlebit faster
[ADD] - Stream Name to WebChat Window -> Title
[ADD] - You can now resize the Active Viewer window to get a better view
[ADD] - You want randomly played alert sounds? Now you can choose "Random" to play random sound files from the /sound directory :) (thx to iZen from CoopY.TV for feature request)
[FIX] - Exception on Platform change while gamelist is empty (thx to iZen from CoopY.TV for reporting this issue)
[REMOVE] - some unused/duplicated calls (small performance boost)
[CHANGE] - WebChat runs in a seperate thread
[CHANGE] - Some memory related changes to reduce Memory usage (A bit, small performance boost)
[ADD] Window which shows you your current active/logged in viewer with names
[ADD] You can now start the ad timer by clicking the ad counter (For Stream start)
[ADD] Tons of new tooltips
[CHANGE] Add twitch subscription link to support me window
[FIX] Delay change now works fine ( For partners!!)
[FIX] Subscriber Sound Dropdown. Will now fill correctly on startup
[CHANGE] Delay chooser
[FIX] Preset Deletion
[FIX] Follower and Subscription exports will now export your max follower/sub value if your selected export number is larger then your follower/sub count
[CHANGE] reenable subscription export
[CHANGE] Small perfomance update to the updater
[FIX] - Subscriber View direction
[FIX] - Total Subscriber value will be updated every check not only if new subs arrived
[FIX] - Total subscriber on top wasnt saved in config
[FIX] - A bug if twitch API causes some issues with wrong data
[FIX] - Subscription stuff now should be completly invisible when "Show Partner features" is disabled
[FIX] Small bug on updater
[FIX] Bug if subscriber/follower is less than 14
[REMOVE] Debug output
[ADD] - Autostart function. Select your required Streaming programms like OBS/xSplit, Donation Tracker app or other applications. They all will be started from jASH
[ADD] - New Charts to analyse your Stream View "trend"
[ADD] - Peek and lowest viewer count"
[ADD] - First Version of Twitch Webchat
[ADD] - Subscription Feature. See your latest Subscribers and your current subscriber count
[ADD] - Option to hide/Show Twitch-Partner Features
[ADD] - You will be asked on the first start if you want to disable or show the partner features
[ADD] - Add option to Disable/Enable Follower and Subscriber Total Count on top
[ADD] - Windows for "stat file" deletion
[ADD] - Has subscriber and Country informations to Stream Info tab
[ADD] - Color customization for Follower and Subscriber alerts (Background and Font color)
[ADD] - Some Tooltips for buttons, checkboxes and stuff like that
[FIX] - Update Dialog behind the Loading Screen
[FIX] - Programm crash after refusing administrator permissions to the Updater
[FIX] - Sound files can be played sequentially
[FIX] - Follower Alerts Hide option
[FIX] - Starting problem while version check is not available or slow
[FIX] - New Follower alerts should be a bit faster and use less resources
[FIX] - Bug that sometimes shows old follower as now follower
[FIX] - Resize icon on bottom bar
[FIX] - Bug that indication bar shows failed after playing ads
[FIX] - Out of Range bug with 0 follower, thx to EXteMP for reporting this issue
[CHANGE] - Loading Screen view. Add a information label whats going on right now
[CHANGE] - View Stats Tracking Window is now Sizeable and more scalable
[REMOVE] - Some unused code
[ADD] Loading Screen
[ADD] Loading Icon while Stream informations will updated
[ADD] Average View Count on Viewer Stats Track Window
[ADD] You can now export the current time into a text file in 4 different time formats (For people who want to show the Time in the Stream Overlay)
[FIX] GameList should now include more platform-specific titles
[FIX] Changing Stream infos no longer should freeze the programm
[FIX] Getting Stream infos no longer should freeze the programm
[FIX] Getting Follower infos no longer should freeze the programm
[FIX] Sending Commercials no longer should freeze the programm
[CHANGE] Stats-Analyser windows now have a real title ... no more "Form1", sorry for that :)
[CHANGE] New Follower Alerts now come once per person per session. So if someone follows he can not spam your sounds with follower ->unfollowe ->follower ->unfollower spam. Every follower can hit the sound once
[CHANGE] Viewer-Stats-Tracking just save data when stream is online.
[CHANGE] Updater now blocks new events while update is runnin
[ADD] Download Permission Dialog Box to Update process (Cause of AntiVirus software false positives)
[ADD] New Tab Layout
[ADD] New Game selection feature, including new gamelists. (Choose your "Plattform" to get the right entrys)
[ADD] Option to track your viewer stats to an external file.
[ADD] First Version of Viewer Analyser (More option, and other stuff will come later. its not done yet :))
[CHANGE] The Updater will now have more interactions. He shows which files will be deleted and you can cancel this actions
[CHANGE] Updater: Not all files in folder will deleted on reinstall. Just the programm files.