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Hello guys,

What is jASH - just A Stream Helper?
jASH is an advanced version of the Twitch.tv webbased Dashboard. You can easly change your streamtitle, Game and other stuff.

Why your DashBoard and not the Twitch.tv Webbased dashboard?
Our DashBoard need less computer resources. You dont need the Flashplayer or an open Webbrowser Tab. It is a standalone Programm which is developed in C# based on .NET Framework 4.5. We have advanced features like "show new follower" and Stream Information from other streams.

More Informations:

jASH is developed by me zAfLu as a part of justgameplay.de
Complete Changelogs
jASH News (English news will be included in future :))


Windows Plattform with .NET Framework 4.5 (microsoft.com/de-de/download/details.aspx?id=30653)

Tested with Windows 7 and Windows 8

Sorry dont have other win version. Please let me know if it works on Vista and xp

  • Performance
    • Less RAM and CPU usaged as opposed to the Webbrowser Dashboard (No flash needed)
  • Information
    • Get your current viewercount (Update every few seconds)
    • See your todays best viewcount
    • See your overall best viewcount (You can reset it, everytime you think you need it)
    • See when the last advertising was shown
  • Stream Management
    • You can change your Stream Title & Current Playing Game
    • Gamelist with over 40k Games included
      • Select your gaming platform to get your game
    • As an Twitch Partner you can change the Delay and playing advertising
    • Build your own presets including Stream Title, Game and Delay
  • Alerts
    • Get Alerts for new Follower
    • Get Alerts for new Subscriber
    • Set your own Alert sound (currently only .wav files)
  • Tools
    • Select Application you want to start from jASH. No need to start every programm by your own. jASH will start them for you
    • Webchat included
    • Analyse your Viewcount with Chat.
      • Average Viewcount
      • Lowest Viewcount
      • Highest Viewcount
    • Updater
    • Get a new Gamelist with 2 clicks
    • Get automated programm updates
    • Got problems? No problem just reinstall it with the updater
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Latest updates

  1. jASH v1 - - HOT FIX

    HOT FIX!! More on justgameplay.de
  2. - Twitch Language Support

    Added the twitch language support. More on justgameplay.de

    3 fixes See the full changelog

Latest reviews

This All in One tool is all I use to stream. Its very easy to use, has all the features you need (Online/offline visual, viewer count, follower count, etc..), and more to come apparently! Also the support is great, Zalfu streams often and he is always open to help. I get most of my problems solved live on his stream! Go check him out!
Totally love it, for me it's the best Dashboard I've used so far. Support is very good and I'm now using it every stream.
Pretty nice app for streamers, but still need to improve it, keep doing it !

thanks for the reply. Would be awesome if you could send me more detailed informations what improvements you mean.

You can send me the feedback via OBS Forums, my support forum, Private Messages or via email to jash@justgameplay.de

Thanks and best regards,

pretty good application for streamers. keep it up!
Thank you. I will work on it :)

Updates will come. BIG and usefull updates are in the makin :)
Very good and helpful piece of software :) Using ist everytime.
Thank you.
Nice to hear ... I will work hard to improve it more and more :)