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Added the twitch language support.

More on justgameplay.de
[IMPORTANT] - This is the R.I.P. Justin.TV release. Must remove some old jtv stuff. Sorry for that :(

[ADD] - Readd Autostart Button to DashBoard window
[ADD] - Countdown now includes a "Is reached output" feature. Insert your text which should be exportet at the end of the timer (Thanks to anynoobstream)
[ADD] - Some more tooltips

And many more. See full changelog
[ADD] Time output format options for countdown
[ADD] -noSplash as an commandline argument to remove the loadingscreen.
[ADD] New Update proces.sgit Changed the way how to Update Gamelist and normal updates. Should be more intuitive.

Any many more. See full changelog
[ADD] New Follower / Subscriptions window will be filled on launch or activation (Thanks to coopmine for request)
[ADD] New Settings Window. Which is more clearly and flexible (Edit -> Settings)
[ADD] Task Icon Menu: Data Fetching informations. Check which Data Fetching is enabled and running
[ADD] First Version of "Countdown" (Settings -> Misc); (Thanks to anynoobstream for request)
[ADD] Auto ad play now include a "Next Advertising in: xx:xx" countdown
[FIX] Jumping total follower count on top.
[FIX] Jumping total follower count on stats tracking
[FIX] Application Icon size. (thanks to architekt1337)
[FIX] App crashing while doubble clicking to ad buttons
[FIX] Spamming of preview sound in settings
[FIX] Follower/Sub alerts on Windows Classic Themes
[FIX] Color Picker sometimes behind forms
[FIX] Saving/loading preset sometimes want load the correct values (Thanks to zenkazio)
[CHANGE] Wording in settings ( Thanks to woogyface )
[CHANGE] Loading time reduction up to 5%
[CHANGE] Performance boost up to 10 - 20% less RAM usage
[CHANGE] Cursor on loading screen
[CHANGE] Subscription and Follower check interval
[REMOVE] Settings from main window. New window is located @ Edit -> Settings
[REMOVE] Automated updates @ "Stream Info" Tab. YOu need to reclick to get new informations. Removed because of performance and API query requests for faster Follower/Sub data fetching
[ADD] - Advertision delivery delay chooser. The ads will delivered a few seconds later to prevent cut sentences (Settings -> Misc -> Stream Settings)
[ADD] - Menu entry to show Changelogs in your default browser (Help -> Changelogs).
[ADD] - Check for Streamtitle max length. Current and max characters are shown next to the text box
[FIX] - You can now use ctrl + a to select the whole streamtile text box
[FIX] - Ads autoplay sometimes dont play
[CHANGE] - Dashboard Tab a bit reorganized
[ADD] - Follower Stats Analyser (Requiers active follower alert!)
[ADD] - Subscription Stats Analyser (Requiers active subscriber alert!)
[ADD] - External Links in the Updater will be opened in your default browser
[ADD] - Option to check if Twitch and jASH Game & Title are equal. Dialog will shown if not (This is just a test feature. Will may removed)
[ADD] - Option to Open the Chat in your default Browser. Right click on the Chat window will open the option
[FIX] - A random crash which sometimes appears
[FIX] - A bug that stats autoplay ads will disabled after app launch
[FIX] - Some display bugs on the Settings Window (Alerts)
[CHANGE] - Reduce loading time on start up to 20%
[CHANGE] - Reduce CPU/RAM usage on start
[CHANGE] - Partner Check will be always run on start if "Show Partner Features" is checked
[CHANGE] - Partner Features always disabled if no oauth token is available