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How To: Separate Game audio from Skype & more, EASY [Tutorial]

This video guide will show How-To: Separate game audio from Skype audio for local recordings also works for: Ventrilo or Teamspeak. (Without VAC)

In this Tutorial I will be usefull if you want to record (plain) Gameplay without your random skype chat in the background.
The provided Tutorial is unique in a way because it does not use the Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) software.

Instead we are going to use different software which is also usefull for other purposes and use it to our advantage! (Creative thinking gave me the idea)

The separating game audio & Skype audio Tutorial (or other Voip programs) video:

Links & OBS Software videos mentioned in this video:

Record with OBS Tutorial:

Record 1080p/720p 60fps with Intel Quicksync:

How To: Get better 7.1 sound with Razer surround:

Advanced Warfare Playlist:

Download Links to software used:

OBS recording software:

Razer software:
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If you have any questions please let them know @the video for the fastest response!

Thank you & please rate or share this guide =)

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I just wish I saw more users showing what to do with mac. I know not a lot of people use mac for gaming, but I'm sure there are other things they record. Also, I wanted to see what can be done with soundflower.
Thanks for the feedback..! If I get a chance to test if it works on Mac I will get back to you :) hope you got it sorted and sorry I currently can't help out with Mac (Really wish I had a nice one though!)