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How To: Record @60fps 1080p and 720p with Intel Quicksync using OBS & Render Settings Sony Vegas

This video will show How-To: Record (gameplay) in 1080p / 720p @60fps with the FREE program called ''O.B.S''

In this Tutorial I will show how you can record (gameplay& other) while using the Intel QuickSync functionality by using the integrated graphics chip you currently might not even use!

When you are not using this in the first place, it is a great way to Increase your gameplays & Recordings Fps and it will result in an overall lower usage of your CPU performance!

I will also show what rendering settings I use for the editing program called: ''Sony Vegas Pro (12)'' after alot of testing I wanted to share my (personal) sofar best settings, which seem to be pretty nice if you purpose is uploading it to Youtube.

Before you watch the video, there are a few requirements:
1. Own a Intel CPU (with integrated graphics)
2. Your motherboard must support integrated HD graphics
3. Have a second monitor ór trick your PC to think it hás an extra monitor plugged directly in your motherboard

The QuickSync Tutorial video (this guide):

Getting started & Setup OBS Tutorial video (Beginner-friendly):

Below here you can find all the links from the video:

-How-To: Setup OBS, getting started video:

-Intel integrated graphics driver download page:

-Example 60fps Gameplay: CoD Advanced Warfare 60fps 1080p:

-How-To: Share your Steam games Tutorial:

-Raw recording from quicksync 40mbit instead of 15 1080p60fps medium/high settings, just to show potential:

If you have any questions please let them know @the video for the fastest response!

Thank you & please rate this guide =)

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Excelent how-to, now i stream better.
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