Houston - MIDI Controller for OBS

Free Houston - MIDI Controller for OBS 5.0.2

Hey folks,

I changed a few things and fixed some bugs.

-Fixed a bug that prevented server endpoints from being deselected.
-Fixed some bugs regarding the webserver.
-Fixed a bug that prevented you from editing buttons with text when not connected to OBS
-Fixed some style problems

Added some features:
-You can now export your pad config files and share it with others
-There are now standard configs for LP mini mk1 and mk3
-Last config files will be loaded automaticly
-There is now a local virtual pad
-Changed the logo and some icons
-Now you can see a list of all playing sounds and stop them individually
-You can now set the size of web pads
-You can now set the volume of a device in %
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Hi folks,

I fixed a couple of bugs that prevented people from English speaking countries from loading pad configurations. Many thanks to SorcererSeige for reporting this. It should also be said once again that if you have any problems, feel free to report them and I'll do my best to fix them.

-Fixed pad configuration loading
-Fixed "New version available"- dialog

Hey folks,

after all this time, here it is, the new version.

Whats new:
-You can now set text for buttons instead of icons.
-You can use multiple virtual pads in your browser
-8x8 only due to compability issues with small screen phones (to be fixed in a future version :D)
-Run CMD commands
-Open URLs
-Setup keyboard macros
-Added support for basically every midi device
-Ignore pads you dont want to use in this app
-Possibility to give direct feedback and automaticly send error reports (the feature can be turned off in the settings)
-Lots of bug fixes
-The app now runs on .net 5, thats why we skipped a few versions, so we match the .net version.

Please let me know what you think of the new version. Any feedback is welcome. Especially if you encounter problems or find bugs please let me know.
-Added scene item tranformation support
-Changed design
Now supports Novation LaunchPad MK2 as well as Mini MK2
I am embarrassed to have to admit that I only noticed today that the precompiled app on my website was corrupt. I have now fixed this problem.