Freeze Filter

Freeze Filter 0.3.3

Great plugin !! But I do not see the framerate option like shown in andilippi's video. seems as if the plugin has less options for obs 30?
Wished the option was not in the filters section.
One of the best filters. I use it all of the time.
the plugin is fine this may serve as a joke but I declare this plugin excellent
any idea when this plugin will be updated for M1 on OBS 28? checking back weekly with no updates.
Works perfectly on obs 28. Great and easy
One of my most favourite plugins. I use it for my BRB scene, leaving a fun frozen pose for the audience to comment on while I'm away.
could have a hotkey to activate and disable ...
The filter adds a hotkey option to the source the filter is applied to, does this not work for you?
Such a handy plugin. So many different effects can be made with this, just get creative!
Thanks really make my world a lot better!!
Amazing tool to play around with ! Great things to do with the mask freeze, moving object around or getting out of the frame at mid-screen, easy and accessible
Combined with real-time replay, froze filter can make interesting content