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Long time since last update since nothing significant has changed before now. Thanks to user feedback some meaningful improvements were made and thus the new version.

- Improved hotkey system performance.
- Minor changes to other features.
Now remembers window location and has an option to start minimized!

Rather basic functionality which should have been included from the start but was somehow forgotten.
For the anonymous who requested separate release and activation thresholds!
There has been several version in between but I bet at least some DD users from here haven't been updating it from other sources so here you go!

There have been several fixes and changes since version with only one in the last one. This version only fixes an issue with custom display scaling that resulted in a crash when trying to add a trigger or entering the settings.
Finally a new release!
  • Xbox controller support
  • Toggle duck effect option for hotkeys
  • New hotkey system with unlimited* number of hotkeys
  • Some small changes in hotkey behavior
  • Hotkeys will be reset due to new implementation
  • Been so long can't even recall every change
*Some limitations may apply :D

My short testing didn't reveal any problems but there may very well be some issues so please report them to me!
Added a checkbox in the settings to duck all except triggers. If checked the sessions won't show in the targets list but will none the less be ducked. This also means that the thresholds and volume limits can't be adjusted without separately adding the audio source as a target.

Also made some other minor changes that should not be noticeable.
This is quite a large update of the template system. Now shows all triggers and targets regardless of the existence of the actual source. This makes editing templates easier and more user friendly. Generally speaking the program should behave more like one would expect. In addition several bugs have been fixed and some UI elements have been modified.
Hotkeys now available for the following functions:
- On/Off
- Push-To-Duck

General settings now work! You may choose whether the program is minimized to tray or just the taskbar. Also possibility to automatically check for updates when starting the program. Run at startup not yet available but this is achievable manually in many ways.

Fixed the Default template functionality. It previously had some serious issues but since nobody complained I suspect the feature wasn't really utilized. Should work now without issues!

Loads of minor modifications so I would not be surprised by some new bugs. Let me know and I'll fix them!
Changes mainly in peak gain functions and updating procedure. General settings still do nothing and hotkeys are disabled.

Program now minimizes to tray by default. Hopefully soon user selectable!
User feedback has induced further development and this is the result. As the title states you can now add microphones/input devices to be targets! Also included the first test version of an automatic updater which for now requires the user to click the update button on the top bar. I have not implemented anything like this before so there may be some unexpected behavior. There are also clear buttons to remove all targets or triggers. Hotkeys are also coming but not quite yet. Perhaps in the next update?

-Inputs as targets
-Clear buttons
-Hotkeys (Disabled)