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Degath's Ducker is a program designed to adjust audio volumes when you speak in the microphone. This effect allows the user to automatically adjust music or game sounds when speaking. The program does not limit the triggering sounds only to microphones but you can use any audio source and any number of sources you like. This goes for target audio sources as well!

There is a guide to aid you in setting up here!

You can always visit the home page for the latest version and relevant information. There is also a feedback section for troubleshooting and improvement suggestions and such. You can also contact me at and I will try to help.

Please rate and review if you find this program useful! Also donations appreciated!


A very basic setup of a microphone as a trigger and Spotify as a target.

Apologies in advance for lacking labeling and zero tooltips!

- Windows Vista or later
- .Net framework 4.5 or later

The program is fully portable and does not require installation.

Basic settings: (Documentation)
1. Add your microphone as a trigger.
- Default settings may work just fine! Adjust to perfection.
- Adjust peak gain if the peak is low or the threshold is hard to define

- Type: Over X
- Form: 30 - 40
- Peak smoothing is unnecessary if the source is not expected to have sudden loud noises. If smoothing is needed, increasing the number of sliders and setting each to a similar level calculates the mean of selected number of peaks and as such smooths fast changes. More complex solutions are not within the scope of this guide.
- Ducking shows the volume curve the ducked audio source follows. The most important number is the total time in the duck section. This is the total duration from the triggering event to the volume reaching the original volume.
- After that you may want to adjust other settings to your preference but defaults generally work just fine.
- Confirm to add the trigger!
2. Repeat phase 1 to all triggers you want!
3. Add target audio sources.

- Only a threshold and volume limit adjustments available now.
- Add target!
4. File -> save... to save the settings!
5. Settings -> templates -> select default template from saved templates -> apply

- Always opens selected settings on startup!
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  1. Version

    Long time since last update since nothing significant has changed before now. Thanks to user...
  2. Window location saved and possible to start minimized!

    Now remembers window location and has an option to start minimized! Rather basic functionality...
  3. Option for separate release threshold!

    For the anonymous who requested separate release and activation thresholds!

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This software is very good, no longer need to switch from the game to the music software to adjust the volume.
Vastly better than all the paid alternatives I've tried.
Took a few minutes to figure out a few things, but this is an amazing tool.
Thank you author for making this tool.
Excellent!, superb!, thanks!
Many thanks to Degath, didn't wan't to shell out $19 on another piece of software (not mentioning names) and this is a much smaller file size, no install, and does the job perfectly. I signed up just to thank the author.
This software is very good and I cannot believe it is offered as Free
Author of this application is very quick to work on the bugs reported by user

This application has helped improve my stream