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Non-OBS Script Death Counter Browser Source 1.0

Trying to find a great death counter for Twitch is hard at times. Usually, what's available out there is really shoddy and does the job in a half-assed way. So I went ahead and coded my own version that acts like a bot as well. This will store all the variables locally to the browser source in OBS, so as long as you use the same OBS program, you will always have access to the data for the Death Counter. The neat thing about this death counter is that it won't just track total deaths, but it'll also track deaths on bosses as well. So if you're curious how badly you did on particular bosses after beating a game, you'll get detailed stats on total deaths plus deaths for each boss.

This death counter also allows for saving a death counter for one game and starting another game that needs a death counter, then loading the data back into the death counter for the saved game. Meaning you can change games at whim, as long as you don't overflow the browser local storage character limit.

Commands that alter what's displayed in the stream will be locked down until the animations finish. Meaning if you add a death, the animation has to finish before another one can be added. This prevents things like two mods adding a death at the same time, as the animation for the first command to trigger the death counter has to finish before a new command can be accepted.

For more information, including how to install and a list of already supported commands, visit the Github repo.
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