Free Chatty 0.9.2

  • Timeout users (and more) using keyboard shortcuts. Use the User Selection Mode (toggle with Ctrl-Space, then W/S and E to open User Dialog) and the new keyboard shortcuts in the User Dialog for quicker access to Timeout/Ban Buttons and Custom Commands you added.
  • Added more Highlight/Ignore prefixes, which for example enables you to create your own local subscriber-only mode.
Full Changelog

- User Dialog Buttons (Timeout/Custom Commands) now support shortcuts, Ban and
Unban buttons are not hardcoded anymore and have to be added to the setting
(setting is automatically changed if you switch from a version before 0.7.2)
- Added User/Line Selection feature to select a User in chat via the keyboard
so e.g. timeouts are possible completely via the keyboard
- Added feature to modify Addressbook entries via a file
- Added color restriction for Usericons
- Highlight/Ignore: Added prefixes ("start:", "status:", "!status:", "!cat:",
"chanCat:", "!chanCat")
- Channel Info Dialog now allows to be resized a lot smaller, Viewercount info
now adjusting better to smaller sizes
- Added setting to change Look&Feel (only Default and System for now)
- Added setting to attach dialogs to main window, so they always stay in the
same relative position when the main window is moved
- Added some keyboard shortcuts
- Added some support for FFZ feature friday, added /ffzGlobal command to show
global FFZ emote codes

- Added menu entry to open login configuration for easier access (no need to
disconnect from chat)
- Improved login configuration dialog
- When login was determined invalid by automatic check: Changed warning message,
don't remove automatically anymore but let user do it if necessary
- Added Options submenu to View menu to allow more options with direct access
- Added more options to Title/Game Presets dialog due to S'ome demand
- Logging to file now enabled by default (only if you start from fresh settings)
- MOD/UNMOD messages are now disabled by default (from fresh settings)
- Custom Commands executed from the Channel Context Menu now include the name
of the channel as first parameter (without leading #)
- Some small improvements of labels/info texts in Settings Dialog
- Increased join delay, increased delay between failed join attempts
- Ping connection more often if inactive to detect disconnect quicker and
possibly prevent disconnect in some cases
- Improved URL detection (again)
- Improved debug messages a bit
- Improved error catching in some places
- Added more tests
- Updated help

- Fixed URLs that don't have a protocol prefix (e.g. http://) being opened
without a prefix, which resulted in the browser not opening correctly
- Fixed error in FrankerFaceZ emote parsing
- Fixed bug where "Close to tray" wouldn't work without "Minimize to tray" being
enabled as well
- Fixed layout problem in Settings Dialog when log path was too long
- Use usercolor corrected for readability for colored /me messages​
  • You can now add your favorite Twitch Emotes to the new Favorites page of the Emote Dialog. Right-click on the emote you want to add to open the context-menu and click on Favorite, then open the Emote Dialog (Extra - Emoticons or Ctrl+E) and choose the Favorites page to view your favorites.

Important Information
  • The default location to write stream information to has been changed to the exported subfolder of the settings directory (so e.g. C:\Users\name\.chatty\exported\). If you are using this feature e.g. by refering to the created textfiles in your streaming software, you'll have to adjust the path to the textfile there.

Full Changelog

New features:
- Added Emoticon Favorites, that are displayed in the Emote Dialog (you can only
add Twitch Emotes for now, not FFZ or BTTV)
- Added support for correct capitalization of names in chat (experimental, you
have to enable it in the settings if you want to try it)
- Show correctly capitalized stream names in Live Streams/Channel Info Dialog
(independent of the Correctly Capitalized Names setting)
- Added minimize to tray/close to tray options
- Added setting for auto scroll down timeout length
- Added setting to change font size of dialogs (experimental, only Userinfo now)
- Added setting to customize chat log file location
- Added context menu to Follower/Subscriber Dialog to export list to file
- Added support for FrankerFaceZ global event emotes

- Changed tray icon to only show when needed
- Set proper tooltip for tray icon
- Added some more timestamp options
- Changed stream status writer output to "exported" subfolder of settings folder
- Changed stream status writer to ignore case of stream name
- Channel Info: Added approx. last stream length as tooltip to "Offline" text
- Changed Twitch badges to use images instead of alpha (shows new colors now)
- Changed base colors for badges to new Twitch colors (affects FFZ Mod Icon and
Fallback Icons)
- Allow for selection of text in chat by double-clicking (focus to inputbox now
only on single-click on chat)
- Detect a few more URL formats to be made clickable
- Improved debug logging a bit (memory usage)
- Some small improvements to memory usage
- Added some more characters to Font Selection Dialog, but also an input field
to enter your own text to test the font
- Catch the error if hotkey library couldn't be found and output warning instead
- Updated help

- Fixed info messages sometimes going to the wrong window if popouts are used
- Fixed subscriber sorting in userlist (but overall sorting can still be screwed
up sometimes)
- Fixed wrong channel being joined when joining channel out of user context menu
with "Capitalize Names (First Letter)" option being enabled (fixed implicitly
by changing some stuff around for supporting capitalized names)
- Added workaround for Twitch emotes appearing wrong on Retina displays
- Nothing to do with Chatty in particular (it's the same for every IRC client),
but the "xy just subscribed" message should now work for everyone again,
because Twitch fixed it :)​
Just a reminder: If you don't care about a correct userlist or joins/parts, you may want to switch to Twitch Client Version 3 (Settings - Advanced), which has a few advantages. More information..

Full Changelog

New features:
- Added Emoticon Dialog, showing emotes you paid for (Subscriber/Turbo) and
channel-specific emotes (FFZ/BTTV)
- Added Followers/Subscribers lists, added new follower sound (works only if
Followers Dialog is open)
- Livestreamer: Added setting to use auth (for sub-only streams), added setting
whether to open the Livestreamer Dialog when opening a stream from the menu
- Added setting to write stream info to a file (e.g. for display on stream)
- Automatically request moderator list once per channel, added /fixMods command
to temporarily fix mods status without showing the list of all moderators
- Added /host and /unhost commands
- Added shortcut Ctrl-W to close active tab/restore popout to tab
- Admin Dialog: Added option to automatically repeat commercial on the set delay
- Added stream uptime to Channel Info Dialog (how long ago a stream was started)

- Changed message parsing to support "<name> is now hosting you" notification
(only works on Twitch Client Version 3 though, see Settings - Advanced)
- Added setting to specify the timezone of the timestamp seperately from the
system timezone setting
- Added to open live streams from the context menu
- Added optional filter to remove combining characters used in some languages
that may cause an error in some cases
- Livestreamer: Reuse open tabs if process stopped and opening stream with the
same stream/quality, re-enable quality selection buttons if process stopped,
improved labels and help
- Added more timestamp options in the settings and changed to showing as example
- Added gzip support to Twitch API requests
- Added check to confirm status of stream going offline, which may or may not
prevent wrong offline notifications if the Twitch API returns false data
- Added hint about entering Twitch Commands in invalid command message
- Updated help

- Fixed error in message parsing
- Fixed display error with ban messages
- Fixed a possible bug with notifications
- Now showing "<number> /host commands remaining this half hour." message​
  • Now supporting some of the BetterTTV emotes.
  • Changed Game Select Dialog to using just one single list for both the Game Favorites and the search result (to use the available space more efficiently).
Full Changelog

New features:
- Added support for some of the BetterTTV emotes
- Added feature to ignore indiviual emotes, which makes them not turn into an
image (but their code will still show up)
- Changed game select dialog to one single list for favorites/search as to not
waste so much space
- Added setting to change the livestreamer command (so you can also e.g. set the
full path to Livestreamer if necessary)
- Added option to combine ban messages of the same user within 10 seconds, for
example "<name> has been banned from talking (3)" means banned 3 times
- Added "/ab change" command to add/remove/toggle categories in a single command
- Added /uptime command
- Added /openUrl and /openUrlPrompt commands (for use in custom commands)
- Added ignore setting to not show ignored messages info (count/nick) in chat if
the ignored messages dialog is currently open

- Live Streams window always on top of main window (seems a bit flickery though)
- More Dialogs now closeable with ESC
- Added Ctrl+J shortcut for opening Join Dialog
- Save Channel Favorites sort order between sessions
- Increased number of saved lines per user from 20 to 100
- Reorganized Settings Dialog a bit (Usericons/Emoticons on seperate pages)
- Added context menu to Race Id (blue link) in Race Viewer
- Possibly improved debugging of emoticon loading errors a bit
- Updated help

- Search dialogs (Ctrl+F) fixed for popouts
- Fixed error on update notification
- Improved API response parsing a little bit
- Fixed context menus in Highlights/Ignored Messages dialogs
  • Ignore chat messages by keyword, username, addressbook category and channel, then choose whether to completely hide them, show how many were ignored every 30s (if any) or show which users where ignored. Ignored messages also get added to a seperate window so you can check them if you want to.
  • Improved Update Notification.
  • Livestreamer context menu quality selection customizable.
  • Improved Emoticon Context Menu (right-click on any emoticon image), now allowing you to insert the emote code into your chat message by clicking the menu entry showing the emote code (and added some more information and options for subscriber emotes).
Important Information
  • Addressbook categories are now all lowercase. If you have any categories that only use case to differentiate between them, this might be a problem for you. Otherwise it should make things a bit clearer and easier.
Full Changelog

New features:
- Ignore messages (similiar to the Highlight system, match messages by keywords,
usernames, addressbook categories and channels)
- Improved Emote Context Menu (now with channel name on subemotes and clicking
on emote code inserts it in the input box)
- Improved subscriber detection on Twitch Client 1
- Improved Update Notification to now also show in the Main Menubar (clicking
on it opens a window showing the changelog)
- Livestreamer Context Menu quality selection now customizable
- Added some commands (including /ffz to show FFZ emotes of the current channel,
some commands to open dialogs and stuff intended for use in Custom Commands)

- Addressbook categories are now all made lowercase when added/loaded from file
- Regular commands can now be also used in Context Menus/User Dialog settings
- Improved error handling a bit (hopefully)
- Removed Ignore Joins/Parts setting in favor of Twitch Client 3
- Changed Twitch Client 1/3 setting to include small explanation
- Added sort by viewercount in Live Streams Dialog
- Added chan: and !chan: prefixes (Highlights and Ignore)
- Updated help
- Show how many Highlighted/Ignored messages are in the dialogs in the View-menu
- Improved text settings editor (auto adjust size when typing, added help)
- Changed Context Menu/User Dialog settings to allow more flexible formatting
(linebreaks allowed, / for command optional, | for seperator doesn't have to
be directly in front of a command, but still applies to the following one)
- Moved to new FFZ server and updated parsing (recently added emotes should now
show up)

- Fixed horizontal scrolling sometimes happening in chat window
- Fixed URL Context Menu stream detection to be case-insensitive
- Fixed display of "<" in Notifications
- Hopefully fixed possible display error​
  • Reworked usericon (badges) system to be more flexible and allow for Custom Usericons.
  • Added Custom Commands, allowing you to define aliases for anything you could also enter into the inputbox manually (and also add those custom commands to the User/Channel Context Menus and the User Dialog).
Full Changelog

New features:
- Reworked usericon (badges) system, which also allows custom usericons,
either replacing the default ones or adding some of your own
- Added Custom Commands, which allow you to define aliases for anything you
can enter into the inputbox (like chat messages, commands)
- Added settings to add Custom Commands to the User/Channel Context Menus and
changed Timeout buttons setting to also add Custom Commands to User Dialog
- Added option to always show the chat scrollbar, which can be useful for
streamers who always want to capture the same subregion of the window
- Added /clearchat command which clears all text from the current chat window
- Added settings for what to do when Chatty is started (show connect dialog
or connect immediately and autjoin channels etc.)

- Only show the "<user> has been banned from talking" message for users that
are currently known in the channel (that have said something, have joined,
been modded, etc.)
- Removed hardcoded /slap command, but added it as default to Custom Commands
- Removed "Set color" entry from User Context Menu, but added /setcolor
command (so it can be readded using Custom Commands if necessary)
- Updated help
- Changed list settings editor (used for Highlights, Logging, Commands)
- Reorganized Settings Dialog a bit
- Updated /testNotification command to also allow for a channel parameter
- Changed Highlight Notification to switch to the channel the highlight
originated in (similiar to Stream Status Notifications)
- Regular commands now case-insensitive
- Handle image URLs which may brake due to possible changes in the Twitch API
- Added /echo command to just output text as info message (e.g. for testing)

- Fixed Race Link in SRL Race List context menu
- Made "Races with.." search case-insensitive
- Fixed possible flickering of chat window when being scrolled up
- Remove linebreaks from messages send to the server
- Fixed some possible display bugs in Settings Dialog
- Right-clicking on emotes now works on the whole emote​
  • Added SRL Race viewer, which you can open in the SRL-menu.
  • Added Livestreamer support, with a dialog (Extra-menu) and optional context menu entry.
Full Changelog

New features:
- Added SpeedrunsLive (SRL) race viewer
- Added automatic settings file backup (copies settings to the /backup folder
when you start Chatty, at most once per day)
- Added Livestreamer support (start Livestreamer out of dialog/context menus)
- Added feature for unique addressbook categories under some circumstances
- Added "Simple Title" setting to have only "Chatty" as title (Extra menu)

- Improved debug logging (added append to current file, max file size, rotate
between several files when max file size is reached)
- Improved scrolling when window is made smaller
- Added small delay between joins, automatically rejoin if join failed, added
"Joining #channel.." message (which indicates a JOIN was send to the server)
- Some smaller improvements
- Added commands to open the current settings/working directory
- Updated help

- Possibly maybe fixed bug with default userlist width, but it can still be a
bit finicky
- Fixed bug in Channel Favorites dialog when table is empty
- Fixed /myemotes command
- Fixed bug when joining channel out of popout
Important Information
  • Right-click on a tab to not only Close but also Popout the channel.
  • Using the commercial hotkey now will simulate a click on the 30s button if the Admin Dialog is open on the Commercials tab.
Full Changelog

New features:
- Popout channels into their own window to be able to view them side-by-side
- Added context menu and improved sorting to Channel Favorites dialog
- Added check whether window restore position is actually on a screen (if not
then open on default position)
- Added Highlight prefix to cutomize color for individual highlight items
(also added ordering buttons that can be necessary for this feature)
- Added navigation buttons with page history to Help window
- Added command to manually refresh emoticons (and badges if you rejoin)
- Added command to show a list of your subemote codes (better emote
integration possibly maybe soon)
- Added option to show action messages (/me) colored like in webchat

- Commercials hotkey now simulates a click on the 30s button if the
Admin Dialog is open on the Commercials tab (so you can also use a delay)
- Added more information to the emote context menu (unfortunately you have
to right-click on the left side of the emoticon to open it)
- Changed default access options to all selected (you can still deselect them if
you don't need them and you think it's safer not having them on the token)
- Decreased scrolling step a bit
- Improved scroll detection for scrolled up timeout
- Improved main window title change responsiveness
- Some small improvements
- Reorganized and updated help

- Fixed some possible errors by adding some checks
- Fixed bug when adding a usercolor (not correctly enabled Done button)
- Fixed bug canceling the list item edit dialog (highlights/logging)​