Auto-Duck in Real Time

Non-Free Auto-Duck in Real Time 3.0-RC4.1-HotFix

This update contains:
  • microphone bug-fix (for resetting microphone volume issue);
  • configurable boosting of Input Channels - now you can boost your signal as you want (or suppress it);
  • debug helpers (for future bugs hunting);

PS. This is just minor update, I'm working on bigger update (it will contain wizards for popular use-cases like auto-ducking when streaming with OBS).
Auto-Duck in Real Time ver. 2.0.3 is here!
New stuff:
  • instant ducking on hotkey
  • initial delay for ducking
  • new options:
    • Start ducking after launch
    • Check for updates on launch
  • bugfix: improved fading algorithm
Now with better microphone handling! :)
Auto-Duck in Real Time ver. 2.0.1 has arrived!
This update contains some bug-fixes and one new feature - option to exclude applications from [All but selected] ducking channel (button Exc).
Auto-Duck in Real Time ver 2.0 is here!

New version brings new features, now you can:
  • add unlimited number of channels
  • duck all playing apps easily (using To Duck channel [All but selected])
  • use Auto-Duck in multi-computer streaming setups using Remote-ducking (send signal from computer A to B and duck sounds on B)
  • configure all parameters easier thanks to improved user interface
... and more cool stuff!


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Thanks to your feedback, I was able to add new features into Auto-Duck in Real Time.
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Here is the list of new stuff:
  • Presets system (creating, sharing, getting presets shared by others) with build-in default presets with sample configurations
  • Options for Boosting and Suppressing input signals for easier handling of quiet microphones and loud sources like VoIP software (TeamSpeak, Skype and others)
  • Stay On Top option
  • ToolTips with handy info about parameters - just move mouse over the control and ToolTip with help will appear. You can change ToolTip initial delay time under Settings menu.
  • Some minor fixes
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