Auto-Duck in Real Time

Non-Free Auto-Duck in Real Time 2.2.2

Version 2.2 is having some problems. Don't worry Auto-Duck'S programer is working hard with corrections as he said to me by email. This program is simple THE BEST PROGRAM FOR A STREAMER WHO WANTS TO ADD AMAZING SOUND CONTROL. Is the only program in the world who can auto duck ANY audio source from your PC. ANY SOURCE! IS FREAKING AWESOME.
I've been using this application for a number of years now, for the simple fact that it's the only thing I can find for this purpose. But, I can't give it a passing grade just because it does the thing I need it to do. I've had COUNTLESS issues, crashes, and other nonsense to deal with this thing, and it's extremely frustrating. I can't even close the application without it crashing, and deleting my profiles entirely. I would love to know how many of these 5-star reviews actually used this app for any extended period of time...
Auto-Duck works as expected.
Excellent customer service.
Nice application
Cannot recommend this enough. An easy to use program to easily add some production value to your streams/recordings. Use promo code ACHMETHA for 10% discount (or more).
This program is amazing and because of it you don't have to fiddle with finding a good balance between sound and voice. Made my life so much easier :)
With the addition of the boost it should now work for everyone, even with very quiet Microphones. Keep up the good work :)