Auto-Duck in Real Time

Non-Free Auto-Duck in Real Time 2.2.2

Version 2.2.2 of Auto-Duck is ready!
Update now:
New stuff:
+ Start/Stop hotkey
+ Help -> Compatibility -> Hide error messages (potential errors will be logged into files on your Desktop)
+ Changed .NET Framework to ver 4.0
+ Some bug-fixes
Please update your Auto-Duck to the latest version (v2.2.1)!
Previous version has bug that damaged presets and project files.
If you can't open your preset or project file in new version, send it to We will try to fix it manually.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Get ver 2.2 right now!

New stuff:
* Fixed crashing on some machines
* Fixed losing channels on some machines
* Two hotkey modes: hold and toggle
* Option to specify longer fade duration
* Option to start minimized
* Option to ignore specified devices
* Compatibility mode to work with GoDot
* Diagnostic tools for memory usage

Download, share & enjoy!

As always Auto-Duck is 100% clean, here are AV reports:
Hi there!
New version of Auto-Duck in Real Time is here!

Please note it is BETA and it is not yet signed with certificate, so your Windows should scream at you ;] Don't worry this app is legit. You can view AV scans results here: setup-scan, app-scan.

New stuff in ver 2.1 BETA:
  • Improved microphone handling
  • You can set hotkeys mode: hold or toggle
  • Some code fixes & optimizations
I'm open to your comments and suggestions.

Final version 2.1 should be soon.
This update contains:
  • microphone bug-fix (for resetting microphone volume issue);
  • configurable boosting of Input Channels - now you can boost your signal as you want (or suppress it);
  • debug helpers (for future bugs hunting);

PS. This is just minor update, I'm working on bigger update (it will contain wizards for popular use-cases like auto-ducking when streaming with OBS).
Auto-Duck in Real Time ver. 2.0.3 is here!
New stuff:
  • instant ducking on hotkey
  • initial delay for ducking
  • new options:
    • Start ducking after launch
    • Check for updates on launch
  • bugfix: improved fading algorithm
Now with better microphone handling! :)
Auto-Duck in Real Time ver. 2.0.1 has arrived!
This update contains some bug-fixes and one new feature - option to exclude applications from [All but selected] ducking channel (button Exc).
Auto-Duck in Real Time ver 2.0 is here!

New version brings new features, now you can:
  • add unlimited number of channels
  • duck all playing apps easily (using To Duck channel [All but selected])
  • use Auto-Duck in multi-computer streaming setups using Remote-ducking (send signal from computer A to B and duck sounds on B)
  • configure all parameters easier thanks to improved user interface
... and more cool stuff!


Thanks to your feedback, I was able to add new features into Auto-Duck in Real Time.
In response, I want to give you code for 30% OFF promotion - enter "OBSPROJECT" as Promo Code on to activate it. Promotion will be enabled to 01.09.2014.

Here is the list of new stuff:
  • Presets system (creating, sharing, getting presets shared by others) with build-in default presets with sample configurations
  • Options for Boosting and Suppressing input signals for easier handling of quiet microphones and loud sources like VoIP software (TeamSpeak, Skype and others)
  • Stay On Top option
  • ToolTips with handy info about parameters - just move mouse over the control and ToolTip with help will appear. You can change ToolTip initial delay time under Settings menu.
  • Some minor fixes
  • Like
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