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Free Another scoreboard application ^^,

  • Now possible to make the clock count upwards instead.
  • Added the possibility to stop the timer when the default time has been reached. If not it will continue counting until stopped manually.
  • Added the possibility to output the over time to a separate file. For soccer etc the timer will stop at 45 minutes and then overtime will be added to a separate file. This is how it looks on the TV.
  • Fixed a bug where Window Name wouldn't be set at launch if stored in the settings.json file.
  • Added the possibility to manually set the referees overtime so the audience will know how much overtime is expected.
  • Added the possibility to specify period/half.
It's important that you set the settings to exactly the same when using the "Update GUI remotely".
It may still be buggy so testing is needed. Let me know if you find any issues with it.