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Advanced Scene Switcher 1.26.4

On macOS OSX is not working on OBS 26.0.2, however it works in 26.1.2.
OBS is shipped with certain versions of libraries the plugin depends on.
The version of these libraries was changed from OBS 26.0 to OBS 26.1 and I chose to support the newer versions of OBS.

I could of course always build two version of the plugin but this would probably cause too much confusion.

In general I hope that the problem resolves itself over time as people slowly migrate to more recent versions of OBS on macOS.
But if you have suggestions on how to handle this situation better I am all ears :)

Unfortunately the plugin overview page also does not let me select OBS 26.1 as the minimum supported version, as only changes in major version seem to be supported. (So OBS 25, OBS 26, ...)
Plugin working less and less well through the updates, I don't know why but now it takes a long time (up to 15sec) to detect a change from a file (even if the "check delay" is still at 300ms)
Overall great tool
I'm missing a feature, to keep one scene active while a window is open
e.g. - while game is running, keep scene active even if I alt+tab - do not switch to default scene
Ignore Windows and Executable based scene switching could work for this case.
i have a problem witch the "transitions" both options do not work properly

-try 1
options above:
from "Scene 1" to "Scene 2" with "transition 1"
from "Scene 2" to "Scene 1" with "transition 2"
from "Scene 1" to "Scene 3" with "transition 1"
from "Scene 3" to "Scene 1" with "transition 2"
---Don´t Work - its only 1 transition

-try 2
options below:
when "Scene 1" then switch to "transition 1"
when "Scene 2" then switch to "transition 2"
when "Scene 3" then switch to "transition 2"
---Don´t Work -2 of 3 do not work. he does not even change to the other scene

hope you can help me.
it is otherwise a cool tool
Hello! It's a very good plugin, I use it a lot, although may I ask something? Is there something like this, for streamlabs? I want to switch to it, but this holds me back a little bit
I don't know if something like this exist for streamlabs.
This has been a very perfect plugin for everything I needed.

When OBS crashes (not related to the plugin), the plugin stops working no matter how many times I restart OBS. Had to resort to restart my PC to get it back up working.
Hi, the plugin was working well but now Windows Defender is quarantining the plugin as it is being detected as a trojan? Any insight on this?
Hi, I have no clue why that would be the case :(
If you have any doubts the source code is available.
Where did you download the plugin? Which version? Was this already the case for previous versions?

EDIT: I have disabled the download for now, while I investigate this further.
EDIT2: Apparently the 32-bit Windows version of the plugin was somehow triggering windows defender.
Rebuilding the plugin once again with a different version number seems to have resolved the issue for now.
Release was updated and download is enabled again.
It's very good, although at the present release, there is not yet the way to edit a line, instead of to delete it and substitute it.
When you have few scenes, it's not an issue. But with a lot of scenes, it's cumbersome.
Thank you! :)

Editing the entries in place is definitively on the to-do list.
I just havn't found a way to implement it in a reasonable amount of work.
i dont like the week day are removed from time tab
This was not intentional and should be fixed already - please download the plug-in again (same version) and the time tab will once again show the weekday options.
But thanks for also reporting the issue! :)
Lastest version doesn't seem to work on Windows 10 with latest version of OBS for switching audio. I had to uninstall and use a previous version.
I cannot reproduce any issues with the audio tab on my end using version 1.10.
You are referring to version 1.10 and 1.9, are you not?
Can you share more details what is causing issues exactly?

I would appreciate a log file (with verbose logging enabled) and if possible your exported plugin settings.
It had been working flawlessly for me but when I added the Start Streaming when a certain scene is loaded, it stopped switching from the file based switched it had been doing. Also if I try to turn off Advanced Scene Switcher, it locks up OBS. I’ve try reinstalling but still the same.
Thanks for reporting the issues!

I sent you a message with a more recent build of the plugin which might resolve some of the issues.
For the rest I will probably need verbose logs.
why my advanced scene switcher only show up general and macro only? where are the others like time or something else....
I assume you were previously using an OBS version older than OBS 28 and just upgraded to a more recent release.
There was unfortunately a breaking change a few years ago when OBS 28 was released, which resulted in you having to reinstall a more recent version of the advanced scene switcher plugin as the old version of the plugin was no longer compatible.
This unfortunately resulted in your settings being reset to default and thus the old non-macro tabs being hidden by default.
You can re-enable the old tabs, but clicking the corresponding checkbox on the General tab.
A screenshot of this setting is also visible in the FAQ:

I am very sorry about this and I hope this information helped!

If you have further questions feel free to ask in the discussion thread as the communication via reviews is rather limited.
Use to love this plugin for its ease of use, after updates, forcing macro functions have made this my least favorite plugin. Tasks that use to take just a few clicks to program, now take much longer because of the macro enforcement. Don't fix what isn't broken.
None of the previous functionality was removed.

In case you want to use the "old" tabs you can re-enable them by unchecking the "Hide tabs which can be represented via macros" option on the General tab:

Hope that helps!
If you have question do not hesitate to ask or have a look at the wiki :)
Tnx for your work, but this plugin don't work for me... I've 3 scenes with videos and won't work
If you describe your problem in a bit more detail in the discussion thread I might be able to help you get it working or fix the potential issue. Thanks!
Screen region in previous versions doesn't trigger at all, and Data directory is missing on latest releases. UPDATE: Resolved by taking the advanced-scene-switcher.dll from 1.4.0 and bundling with the Data directory in 1.3.3.
Please do not follow this advice - It won't have any effect
I can not even install it. Absolutely buggy. Big Sur 11.1
I finally managed to set up a VM running Big Sur 11.1, but cannot replicate any issues installing the plug-in.

Can you describe in a bit more detail what exactly is causing issues?
Do you have trouble running the installer itself or is the plug-in not showing up in OBS after running the installer?

In case of the former please remember that you have to right-click / control-click the SceneSwitcher.pkg file and select "open".
Simply double clicking might result in macOS blocking it as it is an unknown third party installer.

In case of the latter can you please share a log file of OBS?
Please also make sure you are using the latest version of OBS as the plug-in is only compatible with OBS 26.1 or newer, due to changes in the QT version.

Anyways feel free to contact me if you need further assistance and I hope you will get it to work soon! :)