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Twitch Becomes Premiere Sponsor of the OBS Project

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We are excited to announce that Twitch is now officially sponsoring my work on the OBS Project! Since 2012 we've maintained a great relationship with Twitch and their engineers. They've always been good to us, and we've always helped each other whenever needed. Twitch has always been one of the biggest supporters of our project, and now it's official.

When I first started the project back in 2012, I was a jobless idiot who watched a lot of Starcraft 2 streams, and wanted to stream it myself for fun. When I saw that there were no real serious open source projects out there for capturing, streaming, and recording, I decided to make my own tool, and make the tool the way I liked. I grew up programming along with my brother, and I always liked to write my own tools for fun and the challenge. Except this time, I decided to open source it, and that led me down the crazy path that we reached today. For the first time in my life, I've made something for myself, something I worked hard to achieve, and I've enjoyed it every step of the way.

This sponsorship allows me to work full time on the project without much worry, and with it, allows me to support other contributors to help maintain, manage the project, and work on important features. Twitch and OBS will continue to maintain a great relationship working together to ensure streamers have the best tools available to them. This will not compromise our ideals; rather it will allow us to more easily achieve them.

So where do we go from here? Well we're certainly not stopping, especially as it seems there's about a million and one things we need to do at any given time. This just makes it easier for us to get all of those things done. Our crowdfunding efforts have been very successful, and this just adds to it. There is no one else I would like to thank more than all of you for supporting us every step of the way.

The project has continued to grow at a steady rate, with more and more people getting involved with the project by the day. I never thought that the project would get so popular or that I would meet so many wonderful people. This project has changed my life and I am grateful to everyone for all their support. Thank you.