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Stream Layout Tutorial 1: Game Screen

1. Set Up your Game Screen

  • Create a new Scene for capturing the game. Name it 'Game', 'Stream', or something similar
  • Add a Source (from one of the options below) to show your game

Display Capture Sources
Display Capture Sources

Capture an entire display

Game Capture Source
Game Capture Source

Capture a game (Windows only)

Window Capture Sources
Window Capture Sources

Capture non-game windows

Video Capture Sources
Video Capture Sources

Capture a camera or capture device

  • Fit the Source to the size of your Scene
    • Click on the Source
    • Click on the Edit menu → Transform → Fit to Screen (Ctrl-F/Cmd-F)

2. Add your webcam

  • Add a Video Capture Source and select your webcam
  • Resize the Video Capture Source so that it doesn't cover too much of the game
    • For precise sizing, use the Edit Transform window
      • Change the Bounding Box Type to Maximum size only
      • Change the Bounding Box Size
        • For 16:9 webcams: try 480x270 or 640x360
        • For 4:3 webcams: try 360x270 or 480x360
  • Position the webcam where it won't cover any important information, such as a corner or edge
    • If you place the webcam in the corner, give it a little space around the edges

3. Adjust your Volume Levels

  • Check the volume levels in the Audio Mixer.
    • Usually, you want to reduce the desktop audio/game volume so that people can hear your microphone
    • To make the game volume automatically reduce when you speak, use a Compressor Filter with Ducking enabled