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Media Sources

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Media Source

Windows macOS Linux
✅ Available ✅ Available ✅ Available


Media source adds different types of media files to your scenes.

The currently supported file types are:

  • Video: .mp4, .ts, .mov, .flv, .mkv, .avi, .gif, .webm
  • Audio: .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .wav


Property Description Default
Local File
Loop Specifies whether the file play again once playback has completed Off
Restart playback when source becomes active Sets the file to restart once the source is in the current scene and visible On
Use hardware decoding when available Sets the GPU to perform hardware decoding on certain file types if your GPU has the appropriate hardware decoder built-in Off
Show nothing when playback ends Sets the source to automatically hide itself when the file has completed playback. Useful for video files so they do not show the last frame indefinitely. On
Close file when inactive Frees up memory by unloading the media file when it is hidden/not on the current scene. If switching to a scene that shows it again, there may be a small period of time where it is not showing while it reloads Off
Speed Specifies the media file playback speed, from 1% (0.01x) to 200% (2x) 100%
YUV Color Range Specifies the YUV color range for the selected media file Partial
Apply alpha in linear space Off

VLC Video

Windows macOS Linux
✅ Requires VLC ✅ Requires VLC ✅ Requires VLC


Similar to Media Source, you can add video and other media files to this source to be played in your scenes. Unlike Media Source, you can create a playlist of items, similar to an Image Slideshow.

This source type will use the VLC libraries for extended media support over the built-in Media Source. It requires that VLC be installed on your system to show up as an available source in OBS Studio.


Property Information Default
Loop Playlist Specifies whether the source should restart when it has run out of media files On
Shuffle Playlist Specifies if the source should randomize the media files being played or stay in the order of the file list Off
Visibility Behaviour Specifies whether the source should continue, pause, or stop when the slideshow is not visible Stop when not visible, restart when visible
Network caching (ms) 400
Audio Track Specifies the audio track to play 1
Subtitles Enabled Specifies if subtitles should be displayed Off
Subtitle Track If Subtitles Enabled is checked, specifies which subtitle track should be display 1


If you are using 64-bit OBS, you must install 64-bit VLC.