Youtube Crash all the time


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Ok so I have a problem that I can't seem to fix. We are a church that runs OBS. We run it to multiple platforms (facebook and youtube) however we use ingest server that is a distribution company. (subsplash) When I just want to stream to a youtube channel. I put use custom then add the ingest serve and key that youtube give me. How I crash all the time. It loses connection. I have searched the ideal settings and are matched up.

When I use my distribution company ingest server (subsplash) it never crashes and distributes to both perfectly. It is only when I try to stream directly to youtube that I have a problem of losing connection.

I have plenty of bandwidth, new Mac. and I know it's not a network issue. Please help any suggestions?


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This doesn't work for you?:


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There's also a plugin that allows you to stream directly to multiple destinations at the same time:
Maybe that would keep you from changing things around? Seems like it's the changing part that breaks, more than a particular thing you're doing, because you're somehow not getting the change right.